Thanks for the Memories – A Political Editorial by John J Nazarian

God Bless America, that says it all to me, and if you don’t like those words, get the hell out. The fact that we readily accept other languages and don’t encourage the use of the national language is not a good thing. Remember Erode from within, and not having a strong national language is just one big problem. Historically the weakening of a central and primary language is a major step in the eroding of any government and/or people. There are many places in this country you can go and you will have a feel of a third world country.

Many of our cities entertain the ideas of a Little Saigon or Little Armenia or Little Italy…..might sound cute but it is going to have a negative affect, trust me, in time this is not a good thing. English should be the first and primary language. Speaking another language has always been a good thing and I accept it and like the idea. However, English is the primary language of this country. When I go to the DMV and see several languages that you can take your driving test in, it infuriates me, don’t speak English – DON’T DRIVE!

My faith and my trust in this country is very strong and well deserved. I am a honorably discharge U.S. Navy veteran and proud of it. When I return from trips to far away places where me and my passport are potential targets I cannot wait to get back to the good Ol USA. Now, keeping that in mind what have we done as Americans? What have we done? Was this some great plan of this country to encourage the Arab Spring?

Iraq, Egypt, Libya, The Arab Spring? are you kidding me? What we did with the help of our allies was to kill the keepers of the keys, those that knew how to keep the bubbling insanity of the Muslim radicals and the clerics that control them in check. Well we tore the top off that box now did we not? Guess what no number of American military are going to be able to put that lid back on… is over. “No good deed goes unpunished”, this says it all when discussing this topic.

Our countries armed forces along with our allies removed and in some cases caused the deaths of these former American allies and leaders. These people went from being allies to our enemies very quickly. Too bad these former leaders did not make a movie showing the world what we (the liberators) would be in for if we got rid of people like Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and of course the clown of all clowns, Muammar Qaddafi. These men, good or bad, knew how to manage the tribes and those that would do harm to their own people and anyone else that got in their way, especially the U.S. We threw the management of the zoos out of power and what we have now have those very same savage beast becoming stronger and stronger, (roaming free). And in place of the zoos management we have clerics who at will can mumble a few words and sit back and watch. Sure watch the peaceful people go about their assigned tasks. Watch, what looks like Africanized bees coming out from the streets and alleys and attacking and then going away almost as quickly, strange is it not? Only to wait for the next representative of the peaceful religion to give the signal almost like a dog being called to eat…..

And what are we doing now? The same thing to Bashar al-Assad, damn! We need to leave that damn zoo alone….like it or not, he is doing as he sees fit to control his country….do you think that Syria will show gratitude to the U.S.A for helping to remove this zoo keeper? We will have the same result and even worse….remember the example that I have mentioned earlier. Do we really need to have another one of these leaders to go away and to open the cages?

Good for GOOGLE, The White House has requested that it take down the 15 minute movie that was found to be an insulting video clip from its YOUTUBE site….it is restricting access to the peaceful countries of Egypt, Libya and Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim nation, a nation of peace….not! We still have freedom of the press and damn it, Freedom of Speech….we can not ever loose this right.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 26, 2012
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