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Money tightens even in the world of Divorce…for some! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Money tightens even in the world of Divorce…for some!

What is one of the toughest things a dentist has to deal with? Getting Paid! And it would seem to be the case at times for the Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers community too. ( Sometimes you take a looser client whose hubby is loaded or the looser sperm donor who banged a starlit and you get the court to order the Rich Victim to pay all the legal fees) The later has worked well for lawyers such as Mark Kaplan who is now the principal I understand. It used to be Kaplan and whats his name but is now just Kaplan. This behavior is not unique to Mr. Kaplan by no means and is a perfectly legal practice and at times a gamble…BUT, if you know how to play and when to approach the court….it pays off better than any jackpot you could ever imagine! Is it a scam, no it is playing the system….a little like miners counsel….at times it is a total scam, my opinion.

I am guessing that Mr. Fishbein, lawyer is doing very well. Garys sperm donor client ( Halle Berrys X ) has no money to speak of, Halle big bucks Berry has loads of the stuff! And will be paying for all of if not most of her mistakes legal fees. This is the case of were the position of Ms. Berry is that she needs to take Their child to France….were it is safe! LMAO Maybe someone better warn Ms. Berry of the Mulsim Factor. There is some serious anger brewing as to a recent cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed ( last 48 hours ) in Charlie Hebdo ….not sure how safe it is going to be for an American Actress. My professional opinion is that she and her child would be serious targets of extremist.

A large valley DIVORCE firm has laid off a few lawyers as well as support staff. Not easy running with the big boys…..( this same firm in the last several months has called my office no less than 3 times asking the How Much question and has been removed from We are a family run service and being family owned and operated we dont have the luxury of laying people off ……WE BILL AT $395.00 PER HOUR PLUS ANY AND ALL COSTS….and again, we too are apart of this mess called DIVORCE. All we want to do is to live like the Fat Cats who live like kings, that is all no less and no more.

The former blockbuster firm of Philips, #%&*, @#$*, Lerner can now promote their firm on a postage stamp. Philips Lerner, this firm still has a nice address, well sorta, it is now as much a player in the world of divorce as the guys in the basement washing cars. However, dont count Stacy out, what she lacks in courtroom presence she certainly makes up in marketing skills.

The word around the courthouse is that a mega firm needs to be careful, as the edge appears nearer and nearer? Hmmm, I hope some of you have checked your parachutes, as for some, when the time comes you will be crashing to the pavement as you attempt to leap to a new career. And for a few you, you will be fine as we here at will always have your backs. Now I am just saying, and for some of you, I will be rolling around laughing as you bounce around, as only I can……..just remember all of my other predictions, SPOT ON! Johnfucious say, be careful as you kick asses on whey up…you may have to kiss dem asses on dah whey down.

Well the girls at Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers are just kicking ass, others maybe laying off, Ms. Meyers is hiring. M.O.L.M. appears to be the go to firm for the rich and powerful. Interesting thing is that M.O.L.M. keeps quiet and protect their clients privacy, never a firm to show boat. Just a matter of time before The Helfend takes the other half of the 14th floor!!! And did you happen to notice that Ms. Meyers shoe collection seems to be expanding too? Congrats to all at M.O.L.M., it is not easy to build a successful and powerful law practice in these times.

Chris Melcher
Another interesting find is Christopher C. Melcher, Lawyer, Walzer & Melcher. Upon meeting this guy the other day I found his all day
shoes interesting. These are shoes that are not as charming as let say Peter Lauzons Pradas, ( I often wonder if Prada makes that style for men too ) But they are I guess practical…..and they look comfy.
Melcher was fast and furious in his attempt to defend his pervert client, and he did try, much to the dismay of those of us who had to sit and listen.
At times it almost looked as if Judge Marc Marmaro wanted to slide under his bench….it was not easy to listen to……( Chriss client likes showers )
BUT! Still an attorney that has some great verbal skills and speaks well and had my attention. Melcher is a scrapper and you can tell….he grabs the ring and holds on. ( remember, keeping my attention is not easy ) If you are looking for a tough lawyer in the valley give Christopher a call, 818-591-3700 or his cell 818-620-8312 …. I would give this guy a shot, 21700 Oxnard Street, suite 2080, Woodland Hills, Calif. 91367, for that if you are looking for a DIVORCE lawyer period, give Chris a call………His practice is successful and he is not laying anyone off….for Chris Melcher things are good in the valley.

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