Courtney Is “Cool”

Courtney LoveJust last night I was having a nice conversation with an old acquaintance, Sam Lutfi. We talked about he weather, the heat, the water temperature in Tampa Bay as well as the water temperature in my pool. We may have even touched on the lives and well being of penguins, it was a delightful conversation. While discussing some other mutual friends and interest it was brought to my attention that I was on a list of people to be called for a deposition AGAINST Courtney Love!

I almost dropped my Oreo cookie into my hot chocolate, I was shocked! I almost burned my fingers saving the cookie. What I asked?, Sam again told me, you are on a list from lawyer Keith Finks office as a witness? Let me just make myself perfectly clear. I WILL NOT TESTIFY AGAINST MS. LOVE, E V E R……Courtney treated me, my son with the utmost of respect. She was fun and almost at all times great to be around…..she was very into her music and was working on a huge project that was coming up fast.

One of my best memories of hanging with Courtney was the time we spent with her at the recording studio in the early morning hours. My son Mike still talks of how cool she was…….. One night out in front of the Cicada Club, downtown L.A. Courtney gave my son two of her framed records. Courtney strolled out to her black Mercedes and had her chauffeur open the trunk and surprised Mike with these wonderful gifts. To this very day those two amazing gifts hang in Mikes room.

For me, John J. Nazarian and my family? Courtney is oak…………..

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