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Four Seasons Las Vegas, Day Three – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Four Seasons Las Vegas, Day Three

Day 3, in Las Vegas and I am having one of the best times, last night Jonathan and I went to see the Jersey Boys at the Paris Hotel. The surprising thing was that the auditorium was half empty. All the good seats were taken and the rest of the room was empty? Note: in the old days, hotel & casino management would give comps to people to fill the shows, not anymore, most of the hotels are owned by one or two groups and no one really cares except for getting the money and giving you the consumer only what they have to get you here, it is sad. Sad for two reasons, the level of greed on part of these owners, they could look like nice guys by giving tickets to people who may not be able to afford them. And it would look good to have the room full, dah! Trust me when I tell you they are not cheap, our tickets for two were almost $400.00 bucks!

The show for me was spectacular even after seeing it three times, once here in Las Vegas, again with Jonathan and then in New York. The music, the story is one that I can relate to as to how Francis Stephen Castelluccis became Frankie Vali… was as good and maybe better seeing it for a third time. Our seats were perfect for this venue, third row center. ( have I mentioned Cara at The Four Seasons concierge, super women ) I grew up listening to The Four Season and of course Frankie Vali, he is my kind of guy. The music brings great memories back for me…..

Funny, I am staying at one of the best hotels in the world that is named Four Seasons Hotel and one of my favorite musical groups is, The Four Seasons. If I keep this up I am going to get confused. After the boys got situated for the evening I was off to the casino to do my thing.

I played one slot machine for almost 4.5 hours and had a ball racking up points and going up and down on the money meter. For some strange reason I love playing these things, I will play the same machine for hours. Great if I win, but it is like keeping a ball in the air, it is just fun to play and play with the same initial dollar in put…at 5A.M. I call it quits and return to my very nicely chilled room at Four Seasons Hotel, the room has curtains that will block all the sunlight out for a nice comfortable and peaceful sleep. The boys and I wake up around noon and head down to the Verandah for breakfast, AGAIN! This is a sign I am eating twice at the same place and that means one thing, good eats! Once again we are greeted by the one and only, Mathew A. Romero, front desk manager, standing in the lobby overseeing his kingdom, resting assured that all of his guest are being taken care of. Not too far behind is Jonathan front desk supervisor.

As we are enjoying the great eats at Verandah who should show up but Sunil Narang, the manager of The Four Seasons. This guy too seems to be everywhere, everyone looks so fit must be from never sitting down! Mr. Narang has been with the Four Seasons Hotels for over 16 years and he too like all the rest has one concern and only one concern, are we having a good time and are we happy! The answer, is of course we are and this is a great travel experience and we owe it all of the people we have mentioned.

We spent part of the afternoon on tread mills and weights in the spa, and then a sauna and showers and back to the room for some much needed rest….well I did. Once again the Spa is clean and has staff that are offering cold towels and cold rinks to make even the experience of working out a good one. The boys took off to the pool area to do some sight seeing. In a few hours we will be going to see Mystere Cirque du Soleil at the Treasure Island Hotel… The hotel is providing a house car, to get us there in comfort……Las Vegas taxis are lets just say a little beaten, or am I trying to say, beater, either way most of the taxis are just plain nasty….the limos dont look much better I might like to add. As an owner of a couple of limos I know from what I speak!

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