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Four Seasons Las Vegas, Day Two – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Four Seasons Las Vegas, Day Two

Four Seasons VerandahDay two started off with a bell, as you may or may not know The Four Seasons Hotel shares some property with The Mandalay Bay Hotel, the difference is night and day, we are talking about one of the best hotels in the world here. To my shock I was awoken by a fire alarm at 7:30 A.M…….The Mandalay Bay Hotel had some sort of problem and thus I was sitting on the 35th floor and a fire alarm is triggered. A false alarm of course all compliments of the Mandalay Bay Hotel…..I wonder if they knew I was camping out at The Four Seasons? (Remember my review of The Mandalay low tide Bay last year?)

Even with the few short comings that I have found I have to say the staff at The Four Seasons are some of the finest I have ever met. However, it is fair to say that all of The Four Seasons are aware of one thing, customer satisfaction and very high standards. Jonathan Chow, Front desk manager, was willing go and bring my car to the front himself, when it seemed forever for it to arrive. Matthew A. Romero wanted to assure me himself that the fire alarm was a false alarm and could not apologize enough……THIS! is what make The Four Seasons very very special in a place like Las Vegas, the land of cheap hotels with masks that make you think they are much more and are not! The Four Seasons has a reputation, a pedigree if you will. The housekeeping staff too are right on the ball, when you come to your room it almost looks better each time than when you first arrived. And again, Cara Fujii in concierge, I love this place…..not as much as Punta Mita, that was beyond incredible, also a Four Seasons Hotel.

Seldom if ever do I partake of any kind of buffet , this morning I decided to give the Verandah a shot for a very late breakfast / brunch. The price is not bad, you are looking at $37.00 per person and the selection is just perfect! The food was tasty and you had a choice of having your eggs prepared as you liked by a chef standing by. For sure dont miss the fresh donuts being made just a few feet away. Personally I was very thrilled at the selection and quality, and what is it I always say, this is the norm for The Four Seasons under the watchful eyes of some of the best hotel staff in the world. I almost forgot, the wait staff, are just incredible, they keep you watered, juiced and coffeed, and again, this is just the way it is here.

Well for me it will be off to the spa and maybe some pool time, this evening I am off to see the The Jersey Boys!! This will be my third time, a couple of years ago here in Las Vegas and then I saw the show in New York and now a third time. Thanks to Cara we are got some of the best seating in the house, thank you Cara!

There are times that in running a hotel it cannot be easy…..The Four Seasons Hotels have such a reputation for the best of the best, that issues have to arise. People smoking dope in the hallways, false fire alarms, were the hell is my car and the funniest a barking dog! They are in the people business and they deal with every situation with the utmost of perfection and always trying to please! The Mandalay Bay Hotel could take some lessons, and then on the other hand it would be like trying to teach a pig to sing, why bother!

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