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Halle Berry sends a Brinks to Kolodny’s door – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Halle Berry sends a Brinks to Kolodny’s door

It is too bad that Halle Berry did not have Judge Beaudet in Dept. 2B, the Honorable Judge may have had her clerk book a flight to France or at least get the kid there! Funny, Kelly Rutherfords two children were sent to France at the direction of Judge Beaudet, and Halle Berry has spent how much to try and get this done…Hersh, Mannis & Bogen (that was not cheap) and now I hear she is in the hands of Stephen Kolodny (that is going to be even worse) and funnier yet? Both of these high priced DIVORCE litigators are next door to each other…Halle, did you not want to go up the street? You missed a great team Carole and Rick Flam or even a little further, Michael Trope! But you go girl! At this rate you will have invested a great deal of money into the coffers of DIVORCE lawyers and you may not get very close to France, The Safe Place.

Now Halle Berry is going to call an Expert to tell the court and all that will listen and anyone else who will listen this BULLSHIT about how safe France is! Oh did I forget to mention, Olivier Martinez, Expert is Ms. Berrys fiance (that is French?) It was reported that EMTs rushed to the court……Judge Juhas in Dept. 64 at the Stanley Mosk… my thought was maybe she had seen her closing bill from Hersh, Mannis & Bogen! Another thought perhaps Judge Juhas realized that the lawyers in front of him make more in one month than his honor makes in a year! LMAO ( EMTs were called for someone else, not the players )

My advice to Halle is simple, you want privacy in the U.S. it is readily available and easy to obtain, half I am sure for what you have paid DIVORCE lawyers. Also thinking out loud, if you wanted to live in France maybe you should have found a French National to hook up with. Then again, I understand you can run into German Nationals also pretty easy in parts of France…check with Judge Beaudet for directions.

I am not a fan of either of these people, Halle Berry ( momma BIG bucks ) or Gabriel Aubry, how does Ms. Berry think that she is going to take THEIR child out of the country and live in France? She is paying Aubry $20,000 a month and I can almost guarantee that she is paying his legal fees too or did or could. As I have stated before, she will have to bring Gabriel Aubry to where ever their child is going to lay it’s little head at night! Halle my dear, you are not going to be able to deprive of his Daddy time and no lawyer is going to get that kicked to the curb…..after all this is Los Angeles the home of the warm and fuzzys when it comes to DIVORCE……Ms. Berry should be aware of what all of this is costing…..I never realized how successful her movie career has been! Thank God! I think that Neal & Stephen would agree, LMAO

All of this High Dollar divorce stuff and more will become more relevant when Divorce Corp comes to television and airs on HBO very soon! My prediction is that Divorce Corp will rock the world of DIVORCE and those of us who make a nice living bouncing in that world.

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August 29, 2012
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