Cunningham Is Just Having a Ball

Judge David CunninghamA little over a week ago there was some crazy things jumping at the Stanley. Judge David Cunningham had additional security as to the potential take over of his courtroom, Dept. 22 There was even talk of a Citizens Arrest of the good judge!!!???!!!! Hey, here is a clue, judges are darn near exempt against almost anything they do in a lawful and just manner. Note: you have to remember the reason is that those who stand in front of judges in the court of DIVORCE cannot seem to make there own intelligent decisions and thus you have a judge doing it for you! you see it is very Simple, you cannot do it yourself so you will pay your lawyers and the citizens through their taxes pay the judge.

Oh, for sure we may not like what we are hearing or seeing in our courts of law, but whoever had that thought of a citizens arrest?, needs to see about some serious meds. The accusations were flying as to who was going to get custody of the kids…there was even some verbiage as to one of the children having contacted STDs! Please tell me this is just a rumor. Here is a big problem, many low life, dirty tricksters come to court with disgusting stories of how one or the other is molesting the children or one or the others new boyfriend or girlfriend are doing nasty deeds to the kids. This has been pulled on DCFS so many times that they are familiar with the game, the game we all call DIVORCE (if you have been a victim of this kind of trickery all you have to do is to tell the Family Services Representative you are fighting a DIVORCE…it will stop pretty quick, if you are innocent). And how must the judges feel, it is very similar when you speak to inmates that are doing time in the state pen, I am innocent is very common when asked what they did. And best of all for the most part, DIVORCE court is nothing more than a Liars Club.

Judge David Cunningham is not all that popular as the judges go at the Stanley and my only thought on that is too bad for those that grumble (funny update, Judge Scott Gordon is not exactly collecting lots of fans either…he is not playing the game of forever in his courts that go with the game of divorce. Things are moving a little faster and the days of months and months of continuances are over). Cunningham is not there for a popularity contest and in this case he is winning, that not being very popular. For me, I have had to testify twice in his court and I found him entertaining (he may not have realized he was being entertaining) and engaging. Don’t get me started on 2B or not 2B …again, all of these people who sit are in fact people and they have their own prejudices or things that just get under their skin. Again, they are not trying to win any popularity contest, just trying to get through all the crap that those in front of them just cannot deal with!

Welcome to DIVORCE court..I have never met a judge to date that was particularly saddened at leaving the Family Law assignment and moving on down the road, and the further the better away from DIVORCE court.

Note: Cunningham is the judge that gave a Russell Scott Goldberg a real dressing down one of those 14 day, you are going broke sessions. One of the best of late and Goldberg left the courthouse, Dept. 22 and went to visit Margaret Peggy Duffy Goldberg and shot her three times in her kitchen. While the couples * year old sat watching TV in the adjacent living room. Russell Goldberg would later commit suicide, more likely broke and beaten down by a game few can really grasp. Maybe Russell did figure it out and how lucky must his lawyers feel at being left out of the till death do us part segment of the proceedings?

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