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How does this Puerto Rican clown show continue? – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

How does this Puerto Rican clown show continue?


How must “Judge” Gloria Maynard Salgado be feeling lately, that she knowingly released a man wanted (now CONVICTED) for murder? Why has this so called “black mark” on the judicial system not been impeached? Is there a Puerto Rican Factor? Whatever happened to the investigation out of Washington, D.C.????

“Research Division for the Puerto Rico Judicial Branch,” what the hell is this division? Is it a special place that you go and pay a fee to assure someone is released no matter what the issue is? Is it a fancy word/division for “get out of jail free” or at least at a very low bail amount? Folks I have to say the police as well as myself still find all of this very very suspicious. Paul Kerkorians office was actively involved in this “stain on the judiciary” of Puerto Rico, any updates?

Show me anyone, anyone, who is arrested by United States Marshals, placed in custody, with a knowledge of the MURDER WARRANT out of Los Angeles, signed by a real judge that made it very clear by the District Attorney of a large city (Los Angeles) that extradition was no problem. And then here comes this “wizard of the judiciary,” Gloria Maynard Salgado sitting and pretending to be a member of the judiciary sets Manjikian free with a $50,000 bail! It was categorized as a civil case of miscellaneous criminal matters. Am I the only one who smells a rotting pot of Carne Mechada?

It is my hope that anyone who comes before this judge will Google her and realize what she did and it is my strongest hope it will be used against her…all legal and proper! Gloria Maynard Salgado has to go, she quite possibly could compete with Los Dulces Payasos and their most famous member, Remi, my thought, put the “robes” on Remi and the “nose” on Salgado!

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August 10, 2012
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