Gossip Girl Kelly Rutherford’s Divorce Pt III

All I can say is that in the case of Kelly Rutherford remember her? “Gossip Girl” and her attempt to get rid of her husband, Daniel Giersch aka “how ya like me now judge,” of 18 months and the millions of dollars spent on that task? In my very humble opinion I am feeling that Judge Beaudet may have already made up her mind. Don’t stop reading, keep going…and keep in mind I have made it a cottage industry of watching judges and all the working parts of a busy courtroom all over the United States.

Words that come to my mind such as “confirmatory bias” & “Machiavellian” when I am watching and listening to Judge Beaudet in this case. Call me crazy and I have watched intently and at times perhaps too closely. From where I was sitting it at times seemed as if Judge Beaudet was “testifying” for petitioner, again this is my opinion. It also appears that this judge is going to continue to punish Rutherford for the United States State Department’s decision to not give Daniel Giersch a visa for at least 10 years. (If our government does that to a foreign national, I say BRAVO and how they found out is IRRELEVANT. The State Department should do it more often and pay rewards to people for the information on these foreigners who forget they are only visiting this country and have to abide by the laws of our great nation) Not Judge Beaudet, she appears annoyed at what happened to this German National, at the hands of one of Ms. Rutherford’s previous lawyersw again, my opinion.

Daniel Giersch was testifying yesterday as his lawyers asked the questions and he was very well prepped! he was nothing short of fabulous, unlike when Lisa Helfend Meyer asked him questions and he had that dazed look. Not today and it was to the point that it would appear that if ever Giersch’s mom stops paying him his 8 grand a month, perhaps acting school might be his next stop! As long as it is in France (as I understand that that this German National may have issues in Germany also). He was using ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama’, and how he makes videos and sends them to Ms. Rutherford so that she can share in her children’s life, ain’t that nice I almost wanted to puke! Daniel’s first show could be titled “Daddy Perfect“ or “How to Sandbag a Superior Court Judge”, co-staring Judge Terresa Beaudet, playing herself, in either scenario.

If you will remember in the early stages of this case Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq. asked Daniel Giersch how he made money? And what the court got was more of a comedy skit. “I work 10 minutes a day, 50 minutes a week,” “I live in France but I stay in Monaco,” “I keep an apartment in New York with a car in the garage.” And my boat is moored at a boat club in Monaco! “My mother”, who for reason and purpose it has never been proven she has any financial resources at all, is paying all of Daniel’s bills. That and the “50 minute” work week seems to work for Judge Beaudet! When Kelly Rutherford’s I&E was discussed the judge was beyond concerned as to How Ms. Rutherford was going to handle her affairs with $15,000 (Note: this judge never ever got a straight answer from Mr. Giersch as to the TRUTH as to how he lives like a bon vivant, I think that is French!) a month. My advice, Ms. Rutherford’s honesty was not appreciated by the court, my opinion. Hindsight, Kelly Rutherford would have been better off discussing the “homeless man” in the park across from her apartment in New York who drops off $20,000 into one of the pouches on her Moped every month on the 3rd at 2:30 A.M. We can call this wonderful person, Karl. Based on Daniel Giersch’s testimony this would have made perfect sense in Department 2B.

At one point when Judge Beaudet was giving what appeared as a ‘tentative’, Lisa Helfend Meyer stated very clearly, “I don’t understand what you just said?” LMAO, I think I did, Judge Beaudet seems to be hanging her robes on the fact that ‘Daniel’ as stated and NEVER proved that he is negotiating with the State Department to get over this hurtle of being ‘banned’ for 10 years from ever entering the United States…that will happen about the same time I become a male stripper! Note: after the break Judge Beaudet came out of chambers with a cup of something to drink. I was thinking that Rutherford’s legal team must have given up on ‘tea service’ and were dreaming of Martinis, BIG Martinis! In all my years of knowing Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lawyer, I have never ever seen her look as beat as she was the last few days. Upside? Not a doubt one of the best dressed lawyers in the state…even with all that, she was still fighting to try to make sense out of this nonsense.

There was also an ‘agreement’ that the children will return to the United States of America on August 15, 2012…well guess what, it appears that they maybe allowed to stay till January 4, 2013. Now that should really give ‘Papa’ plenty of time to work the kids into a pair of ‘minnie me’s’, you think I am wrong? Too bad we may never fully be able to verify my feelings on that. One has to think did Ms. Rutherford and her legal team from Meyer Olson Lowy & Meyers led by the founder, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq. get ‘ambushed’? Thanks to this judge has ‘Mama’ been bush-whacked?

As if it can’t get any worse, I thought I heard her Honor Judge Beaudet make a comment as to sending John Aloia, PhD back to Monaco for another vacation, excuse me, to do another evaluation. I wonder if any of these Child Evaluators have ‘carpetbags’? This is another group that if they did this without a PhD after their names, all of them would be locked up as charlatans.

Very soon there will be a ‘special’ called DIVORCE CORP. produced by James Scurlock for HBO, James is one of the most incredible and talented directors I have ever met…obviously I am a part of this special that I believe will make all that happened in Dept. 2B all the more interesting. This film will be the ‘gold standard’ for ‘Mama’s’ and ‘Papa’s’ wondering ‘what happened’, as to their visit to DIVORCE court. Sorrell Trope, Esq. was filmed for the piece as was Dennis Wasser, Esq. (one of the luckiest lawyers in the world) and of course myself, the only thing I asked was to just spell my name right. And yup what I have to say will be humorous and striking, after all, I am the King of Divorce, am I not?

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  1. HollyP says:

    OMG! Those poor kids. Seems to me In my opinion this judge may be more than taken with Daniel. It makes you wonder if she knows someone that knows and hates Kelly but knows and likes Daniel. That would be interesting to know. I wonder how long Daniel was under investigation by the state dept. before Kelly’s lawyer called them. It seems a single phone call would not result in deportation. This is Calif and illegals are going to be able to get drivers license and hold jobs to pay for cars and insurance. Btw did Daniel ever pay taxes? Didnt he sue google over gmail and win? As a mother my heart is breaking.

  2. Kim says:

    He needs to be punished for being deported, not awarded custody of two influential children. Is this the type of character that should be a role model to children?? Who’s best interest do courts favor?? Certainly not the children’s!! Disgusting Judges & Mediators with zero training & liscences.

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