Monitoring a L. A. County Moronitor

Spare me, I can hear the groans now…well we had a detail to watch and observe a Moronitor. I am not going to mention the name, they are damn near all the same. And to serve court documents on a target that up until today had avoided service (everyone on staff today are registered process servers and investigators as well). Well we are given information that was let’s just say not real accurate and when I found out who the “moronitor” was it just clicked…here we go again.

Everyone knows what I think and feel about court ordered monitors, this includes several judges and I will leave it at that…for now.

It is for some a great big scam and at times a well paid one. Some of these folks are way too old to handle the job and when they see and hear things they will often speak about it and then when asked they refuse to write a report? That is if they are able to see and hear, this is no laughing matter. I question if a few that I have seen can get out of their own way. The ones that advertise then hire others at a lower fee than you are paying and then get paid when they are not even present. Monitoring is serious, it involves little kids most of the time and a monitor is expected to keep ones wits and senses up to snuff. Not in Los Angeles for the most part.

It has been my policy and practice to cover all areas when possible when dealing with the unknowns, and today was certainly a great example. We knew that Da moronitor was going to be picking up the “troubled” parent from another location (for whatever reason the troubled one decided not to drive her shiny new Lexus) and transport target aka troubled one to my client’s home to pick up “their” son. And they were to go to a nice park up on Beverly Glen and have a nice visit…did not happen…LMAO!

Instead I get a phone call that the “party” is outside my clients home! We tell the client that “Da” moronitor is parked with the “troubled” one and the child outside his home, parked in the car! Oh, you are not going to believe what happens next. My client calls the “moronitor” and asks “where are you?”

The moronitor tells him “they are at the park.” My client calls me and tells me that the Moronitor is At the park,” that is what I am told and I am sitting and looking down on them from a nearby building! In a minute or two the moronitor gets out of its car and goes to the center of the street and looks up and down to see if they can spot us! Something an old cop taught me a hundred years ago…take the time and look up once in awhile, you might be surprised what you will see.” I swear had this “moronitor” looked up, I would have waved. The photos are priceless!

Any half wit soon realizes that the jig is up and decides to take the troubled one and the baby and finally gets out of the car and goes across the street to what can only be described as a slab of cement and few things to keep adults occupied, more like killing time…Not entertaining a 2 year old. Not real kid friendly…Holmby is just the opposite, trees, grass, swings and birds and things little children like to enjoy…not today, today we get cement and some odd goings on…Holmby is just a few minutes across town.

One strange thing occurred at least twice and for a period of almost three minutes. The “Moronitor” and the troubled one totally ignored the child for at one time over three minutes and another period for somewhat less?

Funnier yet, my agents were photographing the misplaced duo and the poor child and interacting with them. Oh what a shame, got some great photos and all I had to do was sit back and have a good chuckle. At one point I was laughing so hard I almost dropped my camera.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 25, 2012
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A thought, sometimes one should get off the phone or take a break from texting and enjoy the scenery, you would be surprised what you might see…till next time, You Better Monitor Your “Moronitor.”

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