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Kelly Rutherford Gossip Girl Divorce Part II – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Kelly Rutherford Gossip Girl Divorce Part II

How painful can it be to sit at times and listen to people in DIVORCE court play the game. “Team Quiet” was a little more noisy than the other day. Fahi Takesh Hallin was throwing anything in legal terms fast and furious and hoping to god something stuck against the wall. Judge Beaudet was just as quick and asking to some degree what was Ms. Hallin whispering about. To be honest, I actually like her, I have no reason to not like her. Unlike some of you out there and by now you should know who you are!

Hallin has the voice and tone that almost reminds me that she might be attempting to go to the crypt of Marilyn Monroe. What I mean it is the softness of her attack. Ms. Kravitz I am thinking that she is in court so that Hallin has someone to eat lunch with.

Minors counsel was on a roll today and appeared to be busy and was making lots of comments. He appeared to be earning his keep, too bad actually as I was looking forward to “tea service” in 2B.

Sitting in the “King for a Day” seat was Anthony John Aloia, PhD (they like to be called doctor). People will often think that they are like a surgeon or medical doctors, they are also a part of the world of DIVORCE and often score a real killing when it comes to fees. This guy went to New York and Monaco, I would love to know what the poor folks paid this guy. For many years there was a panel of these guys that acted more like a
monopoly and got all the cases they could handle. To say it was lucrative would be a total understatement. For many of these people it is the land of “gibberish and bullshit” that pays the bills on the backs of their victims. Of course the victims of this monopoly had to think or feel, court appointed must be good.”


I again returned to Dept 2B and was wondering if Judge Teresa Beaudet had perhaps missed her calling at becoming a law professor. My reason for this is simple, it seems that either Ms. Hallin is dozing or she is not familiar with “I object.” At times I found it fascinating how Kelly Rutherford went on and on in her testimony. In reference to her 18 month cash drain aka marriage, she spoke freely of things like, Selling drugs and Arms,” “through South America,” Darker and Darker,” A total fraud — all in reference to her former husband. And Hallin, Esq. just sat there and said nothing, her sidekick, Kravitz also a lawyer sat there too laughing and giggling. At what you ask? I am guessing at the fact that the “partner,” Hallin was just allowing Ms. Rutherford to go on and on. At one point even Judge Beaudet decided to chime in and almost object on Team Quiet’s behalf (WTF someone had too!).

I guess that if Her Honor decides sitting and watching lawyers fail miserably, that maybe Judge Beaudet could get a few hours in during the week at that local law school down on Wilshire. It was revealed that it was Mathew Rich of the Law Offices of Michael Kelly that “dropped a dime” to someone at the State Department that took care of Mr. Gierschs “Visa,” LMAO! How many times have we all wished we could pull the carpet out from some of these fools from other countries that love America in so much as what they can get away with? Good for Mr. Rich, bad I guess as he was terminated from Kellys employment. LMAO, and it has to be all up from there! Hell I might pay for a good source at the state department that can make that kind of magic,”Poof you’re gone” and welcome to the “motherland.”

It is also this writer’s humble opinion that was why I think that Judge Beaudet gave Mr. Giersch not weekends, not weeks, but MONTHS in his country of choice with the children!!! Talk about a gamble, Mr. Giersch is to some degree a man of mystery and could take Judge Beaudets goodwill and generosity to same place his visa went…down the drain. Let’s all hope not.

One of the highlights for me was when Ms. Rutherford was asked why she did not put Daniel Gierschs name on the youngest childs birth certificate. She became teary eyed and said that it was because of how “mean and miserable” that Giersch had made her feel during her pregnancy.

Note: I have personally spoken to dozens of women who have told me the exact same thing through the years. The BIG difference was that Ms. Rutherford wants to now put Giersch down as the father, most of the others I have spoken to left the space blank…and like it or not, it is all up to the birth mother as to what is put in that space.

Watching Kelly Rutherford testify was as pure and straight as it comes. As she said her life is an open book, what she earns, where she works, where she lives. Funny thing is that it is a polar opposite of the sperm donor she married. I often refer to some of these characters as “sperm donors.” When Mr. Giersch got through testifying I was not sure if this was really happening in a court of law within the United States of America.
Was not sure where he worked, not sure of the money, not sure of much and I bet you he too was curious, “why are my lawyers allowing my X-wife to mention all of those awful things about me.”

PS: Why is that when Daniel Giersch Skypes or talks to his children it is always in German. Ms. Rutherford does not speak German and if that happened in my house I can tell you one thing FOR SURE. There would he just one warning, we all speak English or there would be no communication. Talk about “Parental Alienation.” I am curious if the court has paid attention to that little issue…can you imagine, everyone speaks and understands English but our European charmer will speak to the kids in German and the children respond back likewise, BULLSHIT!

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