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Learning a new curse over a great meal at Bouchon – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Learning a new curse over a great meal at Bouchon

BouchonGood friends and people you can work with and trust are tough to find in this town. Even tougher for a private investigator, as sometimes it can be tough to figure who really likes you and who is just waiting to try and stick it to you. Funny, you would be surprised at times from where this can come. All I have to say is that for a handful of you, your days are numbered. Numbered in so much as “partners” and the “security” you might think you have will one day crumble right before your eyes. And the only value you will find will be a phone number that in the end will not be yours anymore. Many of your careers are as thin as your holiday bonuses. The only other sure thing is that I will be there chuckling, and so will this website to document it all. For personal reasons I will leave it at that, out of respect, for now, “Tick-Tock Tick-Tock,: that damn clock!

On a happier note I had dinner with some friends this evening at Bouchon in Beverly Hills. It is very close to the Law Offices of Jamra & Jamra and Michael Hanasab (the new partner). Well over an incredible dinner and lots of laughs, I was having explained to me “new” words in Armenian and Lebanese. This expression you would have to hear from the mouth of someone who is a master of the language. Here I go, I am going to try. There is an expression or a curse in Armenian that goes like this: when someone owes you a great deal of money you wish this upon them, You should use it for your sickness or to bury your kids.” I am glad I was just sipping ice water as I would have shared it with those around me…coming from Grace it was nothing short of hilarious. (I am not sure if you have clip some hair from under your grandmother’s armpits and stir it into a brew or burn a candle to activate the curse.) This says it all!

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