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Kelly Rutherford Takes Out the Euro Trash – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Kelly Rutherford Takes Out the Euro Trash

Kelly Rutherford & Daniel Giersch

I had the opportunity to sit in Judge Teresa A. Beaudets court Department 2B (the court clerk, the asst clerk and the bailiff all make this place a well run department and a pleasure to deal with).

Judge Beaudet could not have been more firm and yet very open to getting things done. Getting things done in DIVORCE court has been a huge problem more on that later, Judge Beaudet was getting things done! 2B or not 2B, I say yes, this judge is hitting her stride and definitely is getting the feel of DIVORCE court.

Today’s point of interest is the former husband of Kelly Rutherford, TV star and one of the stars of “Gossip Girl.” Daniel Giersch was live from Paris via an internet connection. Mr. Giersch and Ms. Rutherford were married for a mere 18 months and from that period they have two children. Giersch comes across as sneaky as they come, “where do you live” gets a I know were you are going. Never a straight answer will you get from Mr. Giersch. Giersch had his VISA REVOKED by our government, God Bless America. Another difficult question is fast and direct out of the mouth of Lisa Helfend Meyer, “who signed the lease?” And again the well dressed German citizen looks as if someone had just taserd him and again, “I dont know” responds Giersch. Giersch is smart, speaks French and German and English…even if it would appear under questioning if he seemed confused at times as to the meaning of words. Such as “strict,” there is a Euro definition that appears different than that of what we use here in America. Another thought comes to the mind of this writer, Kelly married him…and has spent a fortune trying to get herself out of this disaster of a marriage. Kelly Rutherfords only focus is on that of the couple’s two children.

Note: Daniel Gierschs way of answering questions comes across he is concerned that the truth would not be in his best interest. Why I don’t know, could it be his issues with the State Department, The German government, or worst yet the “tax issues.” He appears to live the lifestyle of a very wealthy man and yet he is as cagey as they come when answering any financial related issues, “did you buy a boat?”

What I witnessed was a German National who lives in Monaco or France who seemed less than honest in his testimony and thought he was being cute. For sure, dressed well, and the watch he was wearing seemed to be one of those real nice $$$$$$$$ high dollar ones. We understand that the German government is as tough as the IRS here in the U.S. when it comes to collecting tax, could this be the issue? Did you know that only French nationals pay income tax in Monaco?

This absence of income tax has fostered the common belief that Monaco is an offshore tax haven, which is a great misconception. Such misconception must be due, to a large extent, to a lack of clear communication on our part. The absence of income tax does not entail an absence of social conscience. Evelyn Genta, Principality Of Monacos Ambassador to the UK.

When asked about his work, I believe he stated he works “10 minutes a day” for “five days a week,” or in a laymans term 50 minutes a week. Lives in Monaco, has a membership at a nice boat club there, has a nice boat, also has a place in France and keeps an apartment in New York with a car in the garage? 50 minutes a week he does all of this? There is testimony that his mother, a part time window decorator, supplies him with some of this good fortune. Good looking, multi-lingual, well-dressed, with all the tools necessary to go on the hunt for his next Kelly Rutherford. I was wondering if the definition of “Euro Trash” is different in Europe than what it might be here in the United States of America?

Note: In his testimony Daniel Giersch states that he has been busy “filing forms” to the U.S. State Department and in touch with American Ambassadors in hopes of getting a Visa to get back to the United States…that is as likely I believe as hearing his lawyers raise their voices to make a point.

Now the lawyers, in one corner we have Lisa Helfend Meyer, Felicia Meyers and Roxana Taghavi and their support staff coming and going, this is how Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP rolls. In the other corner we have Fahi Takesh Hallin (partner) and typing away on her laptop Dena J. Kravitz of Harris Ginsburg, LLP (this firm I know little or nothing about as they seem to pop up at times and then go away). It has a great name, whenever I hear or see it I think of “Disc Jockeys”…tell me I am wrong?

Fahi Takesh Hallin attempted to give Lisa Helfend Meyer a run at times and I thought to myself, Hmm. Ms. Hallin is always dressed nicely and is tall and at times striking. She has an interesting presence in court, she is incredibly soft spoken and not a question in my mind she knows the law. It is her deliverance that if you did not pay attention you would not know she was there. Again, I don’t question her intelligence nor do I her appearance she is polite and very soft spoken. From 9:00 AM to almost 4:30 PM if I had not looked at team quiet I would not have known they were there. One of the smartest things that Ms. Hallin, Lawyer does is to advise her client to shut up and to take the 5th! Sure might as well as either not answering truthfully or not knowing where he lives or works, he at one point listed a whole series of hotels! In my 20 years in private practice I have seldom seen anyone such as Mr. Giersch, I understand that he could not see the judge in this technical miracle of telephone and live feed that was taking place from downtown Los Angeles to an office in Paris, and maybe he just forgot there was a Superior Court Judge sitting and listening.

Now for one of the funniest aspects, Minors Counsel, he too is sitting in the middle team quiet to the left and one of the three monkeys in the middle. We are told that Miners Counsel (as in digging for gold) has not seen his little client in almost 2.5 years to 3 years and shows up and sits. Here is the run down on The Miner, at 2:10 P.M. the Miners Counsel spoke a few words, at 3:20 P.M. Miners counsel made a noise, at 3:35P.M. the Miners counsel moved the microphone so as the judge could be heard. Quite frankly it was a Lisa Helfend Meyer/Felicia Meyers’ show all the way.

Kravit and Hallin could have done their job from their living rooms sitting on a couch. And Miners Counsel would have been better suited to check and see if anyone was interested in some hot tea! (Keep in mind everyone is getting paid or at least they have hopes of getting paid)

Just wait for the rest of the story, we have some great stuff coming up on some of the other players in this one time marriage that turned into a complete disaster. Can you imagine if this had lasted 5 years or over 10 years? The second part I promise will be a real eye opener as to what can happen when the system is working and I am not talking about “10 minutes a day, 50 minutes a week.”

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July 16, 2012
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