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My New Eating Place: the Panorama Cafe so Says John J Nazarian – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

My New Eating Place: the Panorama Cafe so Says John J Nazarian

Everyone knows my attitude about restaurants and the food they attempt to serve. This is about to get a little interesting, my new place for breakfast when downtown at the Stanley Mosk is the Panorama Cafe. No please don’t start, yes this is the old cafeteria that had the feelings of an executioners dining hall. Remember, no one smiled, they all had a puss on, everyone looked as if they had eaten a ripe possum and came to work to look and act miserable. NO MORE!

From the time you walk in you are greeted by the staff, young, fresh and full of cheer. I guess everyone is happy at the new beginnings and to be working at the best courthouse cafeteria I have ever eaten at. Yes, I have eaten at many, too many as a matter of fact. The tall gentlemen with the ball cap, that is Chris Bae, the new owner and I have to say the food is great! Having Chris Bae present and overseeing is the clue. This kid knows what he is doing. Just look at the food, it looks fresh, the place is spotless and the music, yes there is now music and the attitude of Chriss staff reflect a great place to eat and enjoy a meal.

All of the food especially the tuna salad is chilled and fresh, I like breakfast and I am served food that is hot, my toast warm and some of the best coffee in town. Where he gets his coffee? I do ask that I get some scrambled eggs and toast after 10:30 a.m. One odd factor is that they covet the little jelly and jam doo-hickeys that you get all you want at some joints for free, here they are .10 each? Hell, if it helps this young man to keep the lights on, I guess I will just buy two, I think the butter for the toast is free. A good cup of coffee is critical to start a morning and Bae has this dialed in, the best. For me, I like it much better than that other place down on the new lawn. The breakfast burritos are some of the best we have had and the place has a Sushi counter that you can get fresh sushi. Chriss family is in the Sushi business so you are assured that it will not be just some fish and rice thrown your way. The sushi is served and presented in a very appetizing way, again, clean and bright.

Try the sandwiches and don’t forget if you are in the mood for a burger, again no disappointments here. The other nice things, the cold drink machines are clean and best of all cold. All the baskets are full and inviting for you, the patron to enjoy. Sure for years I and many of you have gone over to Kendalls Brasserie. Food is fair at best and some of the most high dollar romaine on the planet. I am going to come out and say it, the place is a rip-off much of the time. Those Caesar Salads with 8 or 9 pieces of romaine and croutons…and how much?

This is my advice, I have traveled the world and know a good lunch or breakfast at a fair price. That is what I am finding at Chris Baes Panorama Cafe, 9th floor and did I mention the view of Los Angeles? 110 North Grand Ave. Los Angeles (Stanley Mosk Courthouse). Here is another great idea, instead of eating those miserable little $5 sandwiches at that coffee joint on the lawn…get a sandwich or a nice fresh salad from Panorama Cafe and then go and enjoy the lawn area. For me I am thrilled to not have to pay those awful prices across the street and the old days of the nasty, unfriendly jail house themed food is gone, we now have Chris Baes Panorama Cafe!

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July 15, 2012
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