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Galpin Ford’s attack on my wallet Insight by John J Nazarian – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Galpin Ford’s attack on my wallet Insight by John J Nazarian

Let me tell you about my most recent experience at GALPIN FORD, #1 volume dealer in the world for both cars and trucks. 15505 Roscoe Boulevard, North Hills, California 91343. Early in February, I purchased a new battery and had some warranty work done on my 2006 Mustang GT. Under 28,000 miles! Up until July 9, 2012 I have trusted the advice of the technicians and one in particular, Leonard Arsanos.

We had been on vacation and when we came back to get the car “smog checked,” I jumped in and the battery was dead. Not a problem, I knew that I had just purchased a new battery and no worries…little did I know. Due to the large volume of automobiles we own we keep a commercial charger/battery jumper at each of our properties, jumped the GT and we were off. I immediately noticed that the battery was charging by the dial on the dash and thought the battery was bad.

I had called GALPIN FORD and asked for Leonard, as usual he is friendly and always accommodating. After a short conversation I told him that I would be over to get the battery checked. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of the people in “cash alley,” aka the service entrance. My car was looked at and after almost one hour, Leonard Arsanos came over and said “the alternator is bad, hardly putting any charge out at all,” invoice XXX158 This was pretty much what he told us. He told me he would check to see if they had an alternator…LMAO. #1 volume dealer in the world for both cars and trucks” and he is telling me he will check.” You see what I am getting is the “sales set up” to see how lucky I am when he comes back and says, “Whew are we lucky we have one.” Upon being told that my alternator was toast, I called my regular mechanic who has worked on many of our American Iron as well as some imported exotics, Rick tells me, $239 out the door.

Well being still “in the luck” I walk over to Mr. Arsanoss well air conditioned space and he continues the show, “Hey he is like my cousin,” he is telling whoever he is talking to on the phone in an effort to give me the “special price.” Well my “cousin” got me the “special deal” of over $400 to replace my toasted alternator. I immediately tell him no way and ask for my car back. After about one half hour my car was delivered to me and off to my mechanic we went.

And guess what, the battery is great and my alternator putting out 13.75 Low and 13.51 under high load.” In other words, my mechanic tells me that the whole system is great! I was given a copy of the test and the car is running great and the battery is charging and lights are bright, boy am I “Lucky”…

Not only that, but the battery was charging and I did not need a New Alternator for over $400 at GALPIN FORD! Now to be fair, I called a friend of mine who also owns a Ford dealership and spoke to his service manager and he agreed there had to be a “misunderstanding.” There is not a question in my mind that there was an attempt to take advantage my trust and my wallet at GALPIN FORD and one of its service writers. You know these service writers work on salary and commissions, selling suckers parts that are not really broken or bad…this is my opinion based on what happened to me today.

GALPIN FORDs test showed output too low @ 13.12 volts and the notice states on the invoice, advised customer of alternator FAILURE but repairs declined by customer at this time. Estimate to replace alternator labor $115.00 parts $295.00 + tax

I called the owner of GALPIN FORDs secretary Colleen and left a message as well as Leonard Arsanos to inform the two of them I was very unhappy with my most recent visit and will submit an update as to their response. I am also contacting the State of California and the FoMoCo to share my story with them too!

Here is the question I have for you, how many times a day, a week, a month or a year does stuff like this happen at The #1 dealer in the world for both cars and trucks.” What happened to me today was outrageous and I suggest anyone utilizing GALPIN FORDs Service Department read what happened to me on July 9, 2012…When visiting GALPIN FORD service I suggest you pay very close attention!

Note: we will let you all know when the alternator does need to be replaced, I am thinking in a few years…maybe!

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July 11, 2012
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