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Yepremyan Murder Trial Under Way – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Yepremyan Murder Trial Under Way

Mike Yepremyan was murdered November 2009 and the trial began just a few weeks ago June 2012. The jury selection is always one of the more uninteresting aspects of the process, “Select a Jury.” Let me just say this for the defendants, how the lawyers select a jury can be a crap shoot. On many real big high profile cases there are “specialists” who help with the process. These experts will look at the shoes, shined not shined, the hair, all kind of mannerisms to try and pick the most favorable. Little like how I pick peaches at the market, all by hand!

On the Yepremyan murder case it was the lawyers, Michael Levin, Esq. Alex Kessel, Esq., Levin is representing Zareh Manjikian and Kessel is representing Vahag Jurian. Also present every day is Hovic Dzhuryan and his sister Kat Vardanian, Anthony Brooklier is representing Kat and George Mgdesyan is representing Hovic. Did either Brooklier or Mgdesyan assist in the jury selection? I am not sure, all of these guys are well trained and respected for their work as “Get me off the hook” go to guys. The biggest name in the bunch of course is Anthony Brooklier, one of the biggest names in defense in So. Cal. right up there with Harland Braun, Esq. Kessel and Levin are very good at their craft also, Mgdesyan, I have never heard of until this trial.

I met with Brooklier with one of the defendants in the Anna Nicole Smith trial and after a great lunch of Spaghetti and Meatballs my client “flew the coop.” I was done with her and Brooklier was not retained, I still see that as a big mistake…welcome to my world of making suggestions.

Judge Gregory A. Dohi of the Los Angeles Superior Court is presiding, Dept. E. Judge Dohi has only been a judge since being appointed August 29, 2007. Prior to that he attended a mid level university back East, Harvard!! And then went to Boalt Hall School of Law, one thing we can say is that this guy has educational credentials in the highest categories of law. Judge Dohi was admitted to the bar in 1991 and joined the District Attorneys office as a prosecutor. Judge Dohi handled the pre-lim of Robert Blake 2.26.2003 after he supposedly “whacked” his wife after a nice Italian dinner at Vittellos in Studio City. I wonder if they had Meatballs?

When Judge Dohi is not siting on the bench he is a professor at Southwestern School of Law. His honor ran for his bench seat in 2010 and won the election, no one else it appears ran against him, this is often the case for sitting judges. Judge Dohi also sent Jodie Fosters father to prison for 5 years for scamming home owners. Not bad, Blake, Foster, welcome to being a jurist in Southern California.

The only issue that I have is that with this education, with this employment background he has to know the law backwards and forwards. On paper this guy does not look like he would be easy to sell a bridge to…we will see.

Ani and Art Yepremyan
Some feathers are being ruffled as to having Mike Yepremyans parents, Artak and Ani sit outside the courtroom while certain witnesses testify. Former friends of Mikes that both of the parents had spoken to after the murder of their son. Is this any kind of violation of “victims rights?” I am not sure. What I am hearing and understanding, is a Judge not wanting to make any mistakes that, in the event of a conviction, will start the appeal process. If there are convictions and there is any money left certainly there will be an appeal, that is fairly common in cases like this.

Remember, I promised to do all I could to make this story known around the world. I got it in the Los Angeles Times, Column One front page above the crease, we discussed it throughout the internet, all of the local news channels and the icing on the cake for me is Luce Villareal , taping for what will be a segment on DATELINE. If you will, prior to my participation in this case this was a “two line story” on the L.A. Times webpage…not anymore!

I am not positive as I have not been served yet with a subpoena, maybe when I return from vacation in a few weeks as to my having to testify? We will see! My reason and thoughts on this was last weeks question by Mr. Kessel to Danielle, Mikes former girlfriend, “Do you know a Mr. Nazarian?” or something along those lines. I am very sure, everyone knows Mr. Nazarian, just google me! Hell, I google myself sometimes when I am bored to see what Mr. Nazarian is doing.

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