Peter Lauzon the latest to bust a move out of Phillips, Lerner & Lauzon

Phillips, Lerner & Lauzon has just downsized again! Effective July 1, 2012 Peter Lauzon is going out on his own. It will now be Phillips & Lerner, and I am sure in time that Phillips & Lerner will add others to their letterhead. Here is a thought: should have done what Trope and Trope did, say the name twice, and everyone else as to partners…LOL, who cares! If Ms. Phillips “firm” gets much smaller the next big holiday party can be held at the local Taco Bell! (Also remember almost 1.5 years ago, you heard it here that others were looking to “set sail.”)

Several weeks ago I spoke with Mr. Lauzon and he told me was looking forward to “growing and cutting” his own hay. Peter has been a real player on the DIVORCE circuit and has a strong background in International Custody issues. Lauzon has always been a place for this writer to go and listen when in court and chuckle as he has what I enjoy, a “presence” in the courtroom, and can often outgun many lawyers verbally.

Not like a Sorrell Trope, talk about a style, years of experience shows when Mr. Trope speaks and you can watch sweat beads forming on your lawyer’s forehead. Or a Patrick DeCarolis, the glasses on the tip of the nose and the look of disgust that he can shoot your way every chance he gets. Let’s not forget Lisa Helfend Meyer, when she gets going it is like your worst nightmare come true, and always well-dressed. And another favorite at Susan Wiesner, soft spoken and polite, always coiffed to the 9s and a big fan of “Louis.” All class acts by the way.

Peter Lauzon has a whole different way, he sometimes reminds me of a character out of one of those Old Western movies. He reminds me of the well-dressed character in the saloon, you’re not sure till the end of the show if he is the good guy or the bad guy. After all is that not what the world of DIVORCE is all about anyways? White hats and Black hats and I will be damned, I still can’t figure them out, I mean the bad guys and the good guys!

Good Luck Peter Lauzon and we at wish you much luck and continued success. Peter here is another thought at your age, this should be fun!

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