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Good Healthy, Investment Quality Sperm – Better Than Bullion!

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry

Halle Berry gets the ultimate smack down, Ms. Berry is going to pay her daughter “daddy” $20,000 a month!!! Halle don’t be too upset, remember that fat background dancer K-Fed? He got lots more, lots and lots from his sperm investment. Some DIVORCE lawyers should be financial planners too! It gives examining a package an all new intent as to investment quality “vittles.”

As for Halle Berry hoping and praying to take mommys little girl to Paris, better be prepared to have appropriate housing for “Daddy” too! Yup, my bet is that if he decides that he wants to go and be close to his little “investment” aka his daughter, you are going to pay for all of his costs too! And how long does Halle have to pay child support with increases to the sperm donor? 18-21 years depending on circumstances (and there will be increases just you watch). I hope that Gabriel Aubry is going to like Paris!

Guys, look at this, if you are a border-line loser or for that matter a full-blown loser, can’t get a career off the ground and you were blessed with a “great package” and not bad looks (and even if you might be gay )…go find yourself a nice warm place and shoot a wad of sperm and poof! And in some cases the “storage” unit does not have to be fully aware of your presence. You know drunk or under the influence of only god knows what. Then in nine months or less you have your little investment or investments!

As we always say at the ranch, good waiters make good tips.” Hey it is safer than the stock market and if you are real lucky you will get two or maybe three little “lovelies” to love and raise and collect a small ransom monthly!

One major requirement, that warm fuzzy place better be attached to a female celebrity or a woman of significant means. Then you can have the life you always dreamed about…sure getting your mug in the cameras and lots of publicity…P.S. always act surprised, so as to not give away the fact that you called and told paparazzi where you would be with the little ones!

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June 21, 2012
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