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A margarita with Avi Levy, Esq. – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

A margarita with Avi Levy, Esq.

After flying in early from Catalina, I got a call from one of my good friends, Avi Levy, Lawyer, Let’s have dinner.” Avi is a cross of intelligence and methodology, like a Michael Trope, Esq. and has the class and panache of a Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq. How do I come to this conclusion? Simple, because I can and no one will ever try and change my mind as I am seldom if ever wrong when it comes to the World of Divorce.

Avi and I always have a good time and last night was no exception. We ate at a relatively new Mexican joint, Tortilla Republic. Only West Hollywood could pull off an eatery like this. A little pricey but the service was good and the food was surprisingly good also. Of course the drinks are mostly built around Tequila and with the large gay clientele the booze runs fast and furious in this place. The whole experience was good, the food was tasty and I enjoyed a few very tasty margaritas with Avi.

Avi Levy Esq. and his partner Ilene E. Trabolsi have a very unique and a practical practice. Avi I am fairly sure is one of the youngest partners in a law firm in the entire city of L.A. He is only 34 and has developed a book of business that many in the Divorce business would only wish to have. Of course that book was built by IIene E. Trabolsi and Avi together over a ten year period, both of these lawyers are smart and at all times practical in how they handle a client as well as their clients money. Avi Levy is highly respected by many of his peers and both Avi and IIene have integrity with the court (this is something that not every lawyer has).

Avi Levys style is more like (again my opinion) at all aspects of the case and then come up with a plan to settle and be reasonable. If and again if you want to do the “big” show he has a presence in court and can throw legal terms around with the best of them. The support staff of Trabolsi and Levy are an effective team, they do their homework and make solid plans. Again, he is very young and as I have said before with a name like “Avi Levy” it was either law or maybe a Rabbi!

Thanks Avi for a great evening of good food and drink and great conversation about DIVORCE and all of the players those that are making it and those that are pretty much finished!

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