Land of Hate and Revenge – DIVORCE L. A. Style by John J Nazarian

I stopped by several courtrooms today, one in particular, Department 2B, Judge Teresa A. Beaudet. I was briefly questioned by her bailiff as to what I was doing. My behavior that triggered the question, you ask? I was taking notes. I mentioned to the deputy that I was a member of the media. “Which media?” I told him the one that writes about divorce and related activity (had forgotten to bring my press pass so it was a little odd, and anyone is allowed to sit in an open court and listen and write). A little odd, to think that in a free society one would be questioned as why he or she is taking notes in a courtroom open to the public. The Deputy was very polite and professional, later I gave him my card for his future reference.

As for Beaudet? She is not afraid to make herself clear, real clear and you guessed it — I loved it. Better be careful Judge Beaudet, remember Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer, you have to take some of these incompetent A-holes standing in front of you and pat them on their pointed heads, just before you smack them on that point. Michael Hanasab, Esquire was representing his client (dad) and Maryanne Golsan, Esq. was representing (mom). Prior to the lunch break it was just a circus and you could tell that Judge Beaudet was done! After lunch it got better and Hanasab hit that damn ball almost to Ethiopia, we are talking a battle. And did I mention to you that Michael Hanasab of The Law Offices of Grace Jamra was one of DESPERATEEXES.coms picks for “Top Associates.” Once again the great one is right on the money…just wait, Hanasab has a presence and will be a partner someplace someday and soon. He has a great presence and knows how to verbalize his position…not like Jamra, that could take 20 years.

Poor Maryanne Golsan, Esq. was seeking an order from the court for fees, $25,000 for her purse and $10,000 for accounting fees and got zilch, nada, a big banana skin. This asking for fees is a real science and you need to have the right paperwork, a wish and a prayer does not work in most jurisdictions and L.A. is no exception, ask Mark Kaplan, Lawyer extraordinaire.

After lunch it was very apparent that Judge Beaudet had shaken the sand out of her sandals and was ready to go at it again, it was nothing less than fascinating to observe Michael Hanasab continue the battle, lost a few but in the end got his client all and more what dad was asking for…Just like the real world, Lose a few but in the end, No Fees and you walk out of court a winner! Great demonstration Mr. Hanasab!

Judge Trent Lewis was very compassionate this morning and gave some great advice to both parties sitting in front of him with their lawyers present. Basically telling both parties that what they were doing, “blowing money on legal fees” that could be better spent on other things, themselves and their sick child. And that all of this anger and hatred was being clearly understood by the couple’s four year old. And not to underestimate that a four year old has the ability to see and understand what mommy and daddy are doing. And all of this “crazy making,” too, was affecting the childs already compromised health…it was touching to hear a judge give such solid advice to the parents of a sick child. Will these two take this advice, I doubt it…remember this is DIVORCE court, the land of hate and revenge. Both of these parents I think got it, or at least I hope they did.

Note: 150 people lost there jobs in the courts this week and I am very sad to have to report this. A few hundred others were demoted, the courts we are looking at today are working under incredibly lean conditions. These are tough times for the judges too. Judges are already underpaid and now with staff cuts it is not easy to be a judge, never was, long hours of dealing with what seems the impossible…more cuts are on the horizons for the courts. We at wish all who lost jobs the best of luck and hope that they will find new horizons for themselves.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 19, 2012
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