The “Medical” Marijuana Con editorial by John J Nazarian

Have the citizens and cops lost their minds? Well the citizens, at least in this mornings Los Angels Times a story titled, Dispensing Profit,” written by Joe Mozingo. Great story except he left another great group out of this con, Doctors and all of the 18 year olds that have all developed medical issues and have got Medical Cards after a thorough medical exam. A Medical Exam that consist of checking the eyes and blood pressure, LMAO (another scam attached to the “medicine” trade) maybe! And what do 18 year olds do with their medicine? They share and pass it down to their younger pals. These doctors are violating their oaths of do no harm…they are doing a great deal of harm. But do not wait for the medical board to intercede, a more inept neutered group you will not find (recall Anna Nicole Smiths group). “Doctors” turning kids and their younger buddies into addicts, don’t get no simpler than that. For some reason, for those of us who can recall, in my Jr. High and High School days pot was around too but that was “big stuff” and beers and hard liquor got us through the weekends and several of us became cops. And much to my dismay, a couple of that group of cops did develop issues with drugs and alcohol later in life. What we are seeing now is nothing of what we will see with our kids and young adults in the future.

For me,I have gotten a great dose first hand in having watched clients’ kids and loved ones slide off into the sunset only to wonder what happened in our practice? This shit is very addictive, my opinion, that was obvious to me as a young cop. They have some great wording in today’s marketing, compassionate caregivers, a little like compassionate hand job, the would be provider (prior to massage) rubbing ones hands together to warm them up with a little oil first, that too is compassionate. This too is now flooding our cities, massage one hour $35, this is what I have been told, good tip gets a “happy ending,” again I have learned of this through serious research. In the old days none of these places could exist, in today’s world, got to get some “medicine,” go get a massage and you just helped two “enterprises” that were once illegal!

This whole issue has been a Fn boondoggle from the first day! California Medical Marijuana Law??? The Attorney General should look closer at how this all happened, LMAO. You want to take the profit out of drugs, legalize it, prices will plummet and the criminal element will still be involved as a profit is still a profit! Calling this stuff medicine is also hilarious, a little like calling a “bunker buster” light munitions. Those green crosses are too comical beyond anyones sense of reason. What next? Take a skunk, dye the fur a pretty pink shade, it is still going to stink when it pisses on you.

Another thought here is this, where do they get the tons of this shit (marijuana) that is needed every day to satisfy the appetite of all the sick people in need of their medicine? That is even a bigger problem that it seems Mr. Mozingo forgot to talk or write about in the article. Sure, the two nitwits who thought they would build growing operations in Long Beach, that was funny. Did these two rejects from “Green Acres” realize the amount and time needed to keep these cons running? Some of these places will survive out of sheer luck, like the drunk who gets hit by a car and gets up, dusts himself off and walks away. You or me, we are in some hospital ICU for 6 months.

It is the criminal element that has a firm grip on this business and will continue to no matter what the law makers or the cops do. That is why the saying “criminal enterprise” was invented. With all fairness as I always try and be perfectly honest, I too tossed it around to open a dispensary with a group of all non-users. Problem? I “cannot do the time” and my group wanted to see the upside (money), downsize dealing with an element that none of us wanted to deal with. For me ever having to go to jail or prison was the deal breaker.

Note: I spoke to a dealer that I have known for years and he is laughing all the way to where he hides his cash (no banks). He recalled the days when they had to hang on a corner and dodge black and whites and narcs. Now, he and his crew have a nice location, he can have a sandwich and drink, watch his flat screen and relax. Pay some rent and the sick come in droves and sample his wares. No more little baggies, medicine comes in different color plastic bottles like the ones that the places were real sick people go. He does tell me that there is an element of muscle that have tried to intimidate him. My advice to whoever you are, leave this guy alone, years at the University of Q, he received his PhD in busting heads and that would include your mother’s also.

Boom for Attorneys, the attorneys who practice this specialty are becoming as rich as their clients, that is why they went to law school. The mass sale of drugs at these locations, excuse me “medicine,” has been a banner period of earning for lawyers, often in cash. Bozo the Clown did the same for clown costumes manufacturers with his big red wigs. For criminal defense lawyers, “drug dealers” and “weenie waggers” are the best clients, always have been…this group almost always pays and pays well. This group of lawyers are nothing more than modern day legal minds that like back in the days of bootlegging and organized crime syndicates knew what palms to grease and what ones to avoid. Again, not a bad thing, it is all a part of the business, cover of legitimacy is the job of these lawyers. And when the cops bust a joint and recover the hundreds of thousands of dollars ALL cash, do they really think that it is going to stop these people from selling their dope? Just like Al Capone and the hoodlums of yore the only think that is going to bring a stop this boondoggle will be the feds. Local police and sheriffs it seems are all confused and until the feds get involved does it put “boots on the ground,” and just like a great white, teeth that tear and shred.

And now if you will excuse me, I am going to get a nice glass of port and a massage!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 18, 2012
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