Anthony Pellicano looking to fly the Federal coop on John J Nazarian’s Birthday

Anthony Pellicano is flapping his wings and looks to be preparing to try and take flight! Just needs a body of water to get a little traction and get into the air again. That is of course unless Judge Dale Fischer is draining the reservoir. July 9th 2012 is the wish date, funny to have him get out on my birthday. Anthony has served 67 months and continues to remain silent. He is 68 years old and has had eye problems for the last several years, but I am betting “freedom” will help clear his vision.

For this investigative journalist, I say enough, hell, Mark Arneson, (disgraced L.A.P.D. police sgt. for sale who has not done any real time) and of course the ultimate fall guy, Terry Christensen is sleeping soundly in his mansion and now sits on the board of Tracinda Corporation, still very rich…and yes to my detractors I do feel that Christensen was a fall guy. Arneson the dirty cop and Christensen the dis-barred lawyer are out on appeal and I say good for them.

Most of the BIG DIVORCE lawyers who used the services of Mr. Pellicano are free and loving it, still selling the hustle! A few have told me I never used Pellicano, I know they are liars. A handful of criminal defense attorneys are doing just fine, and just like some civil lawyers just are not winning quite as much as they once did when they had the use of Mr. Pellicanos very special talents. Wiretaps are great to know what someone is going to do in court before they do it. Just ask Mr. Kolodny, he still has a very serious lawsuit pending against a few “Back Stabbers,” after all, it is always easier to back stab someone when you are a trusted friend and can get real close, nice and close…any concerns you have to wonder what Mr. Pellicano will expect in return for his time…what is an hourly rate doing Federal Time?

As for Anthony getting out, I feel enough is enough, let him out. I would love to be at the first dinner when all those rich SOBs who he saved their law licenses, political careers. It will be like a “Godfather” when the little gutless bastards come crawling forward to pay tribute and thanks for him doing THEIR time. Big envelopes stuffed with cash and of course it would not be Hollywood if not for the phony hugs. With all the judgments certainly there won’t be a checking account in his name. Pellicano took the shot and took the heat and he has my respect for that. Silly me I asked for an interview from him several months ago and got no answer and I guess I understand. Who am I, just another nobody in the gutters of Hollywood making a living in the belly of the beast.

What about all of those who escaped the wrath and fire of the Feds by Mr. Pellicanos silence. In doing so gave the government the big “Finger,” as to say to Fischer, Prosecutors and FBI, kiss my ass all you got was me…NONE of the lawyers, NONE of the big names, all they got was “The Pellicano” and of course a few of this underlings and one fall guy. What is your bet? Is the lovable and warm hearted Dale Fischer, Federal Judge, U.S.District Court going to feel bad at her sentencing decision and say “OK Mr. Pellicano, you have had enough! Go and have a nice stay in San Clemente, have a nice meal with guido and get things together.”

I am thinking Judge Fischer will hold true to who she is, tough and unbending and send Anthony back to Texas to complete his time.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 14, 2012
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