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Go See Cal! But not for attorney fees

For sure it has been a long time since I was roaming the halls of the old Stanley Mosk. It was fun to be back — several of the “useless” ones are still in place, ya know who you are. I check into a few of the usual courtrooms and stumble upon what appears to be a very attractive Russian gal (I am in Dept. 65 Judge Byrds courtroom). Very pretty and very blond, she is doing the best “Boris and Natasha” routine I have seen in years. Pretty female Russians can be tough, they have “survival” skills if you know what I mean. And who do I see grilling her like a big blond sturgeon? Susan Wiesner, the Russian is trying to do her best on how to make her former American pay off like those “How to Find Big Dumb White Guys in America” books that she read, well at least the books had pictures. You know the book, use that accent and great looks to find a sucker aka husband. And then drop the accent and get smart quick or better yet find a smarter DIVORCE attorney….one that works on a contingency!

Well, Wiesner has this Russian money maker aka soon to be X wife soon breaking a sweat and the accent is getting worse. This goof ball must have been born near Chernobyl or the sperm donor (dad) worked there. And this is why, there is a video of this Queen of Borscht swinging her 3-4 month old new born like it is a rubber doll. One arm and one leg, one arm in each hand, it almost looks like the childs sockets are about to pop! I was shocked, I want him to be gymnast, my mother did it to me! she stated. My opinion here is a simple one, mom did want her daughter to be something and I think it began by having men hold her daughters ears, firmly! OMG, the video was just terrible, can you imagine being that baby? The blond nitwit from Russia thought it was just wonderful, she was developing a future “gymnast.” From what I was seeing the only gymnastic ability she had worked well in the bedroom and the thought, get pregnant, it pays better was a better bet than gymnastics.

Update: Judge Byrd dismissed the DVRO and pretty much it would appear did not believe one word from this Russian gold digger….Wiesner will be a name that she won’t forget in a hurry.

I had to move on down the road as two other familiar faces were entering the Honorable Trent Lewiss court room. The one and the only Stephen Kolodny and one of his associates and a few minutes later Mark Kaplan, well there they are the real real rich successful lawyer (Kolodny) and the rich lucky lawyer (Kaplan). Don’t get me wrong, both are DIVORCE lawyers, it just seems the calibre of client is different.

Funny thing is this, Kolodny has a whale of a client, Cal Worthington, 91 year old loaded really rich guy, sold millions of cars and helped the Southern California air quality. And Mark Kaplan is in his usual position of trying to get paid! Kind of like the days of K-fed, that sperm donor had nothing except a big gamble (two kids) and Mr. Kaplan got his fees paid from Federlines big purse, Britney Spears. See where this is going, if you are a broke whorish type and decide to cash in there are methods to the madness!

Same thing here, Anna Worthington was married to Cal Worthington for 250 days and wants millions in support and Mr. Kaplan wants some fees. This 42 year old Icelandic (it had to be the alcohol or some serious medications for Cal to have bag this!) and ol’ Cal had to have a little nip or a big sip, he likes a sip once in awhile and this old bimbo looks like she could pull ice cubes out of you know where, “you want some ice with that Cal?”

“Go See Cal, Go See Cal,” she did and now look, her lawyer Mark Kaplan is trying to get his fees, another client trying for that brass ring. For Mr. Kaplan, this is a whole new twist of Go See Cal…problem, you gonna have to get through Stephen Kolodny.

At one point Judge Lewis gave Kaplan a very quick law lesson something about, A Big Hat, A Big Cadillac and No Cattle. Another low blow was made by Kolodny towards Kaplan as to having an Obsession of Attorney Fees…stay tuned folks for this one, I have a feeling the dog Spot is not far away and he has lots of fleas! Kolodny stated that he felt that it was his goal to show that a “fraud” had been committed against the old dog “spot” and his owner.

Update: Kaplan left the court with no money today for any of his fees…Judge Lewis once again was engaging and I have to tell you, his honor had to have been a gun fighter in past lives…he can shoot fast from the hip when it comes to knowing the law!!!

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June 12, 2012
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