Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Even after 21 years in this racket you can still learn things (not much, as I am well-informed at almost all levels, just ask me) and one of those things is strategy. As a private investigator I don’t do well with the how much call and I do tend to end them quickly. Why one might ask? If you have budgetary issues and are trying to be a “player” in the world of DIVORCE you are not going to be happy with the results. For sure there are firms out there that will take whatever you have and then sub out. That of course is when “Mr. Green” gets funny and the judge is not making the other side pay, a very common practice actually. And in the defense of that con I have to ask you, “did you think everyone was going to bust their back and not get paid?”

Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers is one of those firms that hands down will always bring a team in to handle your matter. I have known Lisa Helfend Meyer for many years and have in those years disagreed with her many times and that is normal (we could have been separated at birth)…often we look back at those times and still laugh. We are in an adversary business and after all these years I still consider her a friend. As I do many of you that I work for and against at times, it is how it has to work. Lisa Meyer has always had a strategy to bring the very best people in their chosen fields to assist, advise and give direction to the issues that arise in the ugly world of DIVORCE. Lisa also will spare no expense in getting to where she needs to be when some DIVORCE cases require it, it is always about doing the best for your client and winning!

This is a trademark for her firm. It does seem for many DIVORCE firms hard times have hit and every dollar that is on the table seems to be targeted for the pockets of the firm and nothing for outside resources. This is not the case at M.O.L.M if they got any busier they would need to take the other half of the 14th floor (there is no slow growth for M.O.L.M.). Lisas budget for fresh flowers is more than what some practices pay in rent. Another nice thing about M.O.L.M.they always changing the carpet, painting and keeping the firm fresh and current. I do agree that the appearance of an office and of one’s self speaks volumes as to who you are dealing with. Some firms I have been to recently have the appearance as if shot in black and white from an old Alfred Hitchcock episode, scary.

The other day in Judge Chai Phams court in Orange County was the perfect example. Another very large firm here in Los Angeles got their asses handed to them in no uncertain terms, welcome to Orange County! The client was not crying, the lawyers were! Note: It was not entirely the fault of the lawyer handling the case as it was the client who seemed to not want to take any advice. After hours and hours of work this client was not taking any advice and much was just common sense. It seemed that the client hired lawyers to keep the “dogs from biting her” and unfortunately she and her lawyers got chewed on and spit out in Dept. L62. Judges have an interesting way of expressing their displeasure with being challenged and chastised as to how their court is run…Not a smart move. If you ever have a lawyer who does this, YOU should jump up and ask for a recess.

The other awful issue was “The Hat,” well I guess he wanted to show the judge how smart he wasnt and got into a pissing match with the judge…I am guessing that “The Hat” had never heard the expression, don’t get into a pissing match with a skunk or for that matter a sitting judge. Well, that is a great courtroom strategy, “Let me see how pissed I can get her honor”…my question is who paid for him to do this…LOL, it was not me! The hearing ended in a complete and total train wreck for the other side. The word denied must still be ringing in the ears of opposing counsel.

The point I am making is that Lisa Helfend Meyer and Benjamin Valencia knew what it was going to take and decided to let the Helfend loose. And again if you are on a budget and think you can pay peanuts and get great legal counsel you are fooling yourself. “Pay Peanuts you get Monkeys.”

One more thing, if ever, Lisa Helfend Meyer ever strolls through the doors of your office and begins with I don’t mean to be rude,” she is lying and very much does mean to be rude!

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