The Cheapskate pays a price

As my large fingers sit and type, one of Los Angeles’ one time premier law firms is imploding. This firm was controlled by an attorney that I still feel was never that good at what they did, family law. Lots of big smiles, even bigger hellos and a huge budget for clothing, all while being one of the cheapest human beings on the planet. And self promotion up the wazoo,
maybe I should not be the one to piss on self promotion…and I am ok as I am certainly not cheap.

Being cheap and miserable is a sure thing for being left alone counting your money all by yourself. When one partner left that should have been a wake up call, sure, “am I cheap and miserable?” Why are people laughing at me behind my back…especially their partners. Not for this self-centered cheapskate and as I stated earlier there would be others, and it is morphing into a terrible scenario. Well it has been going just as I had predicted. This goofball with a law degree sees the laughter as smiles of admiration.

Another partner is in the process of bowing out in a rather interesting way, we will see how that works. My prediction it is not going to work at all. When you have a law firm or other type of business and you are the key figure you need to know what is going on. And when you realize everyone or at least many can’t stand being around you, you have to fix it. Not make it worse and go shopping and continue with that awful toothy grin and the hair! Who does this person’s hair, it looks like she met me for 10 minutes and I did their hair.

Another bad scene, same place same issue, being too cheap! There is a little known fact that when one lawyer, let’s say a big big big civil litigator sends you (another lawyer) referrals for clients who are getting a divorce. The lawyer(DIVORCE lawyer) who makes a ton of money is supposed to give a “kickback.” You know, a nice big fat percentage of what was paid. Both parties know that had it not been for that gentle push into the slaughter house, ooops, Da Law Firm, none of those hundreds of thousands would have made it into the coffers of your DIVORCE business. AND that lawyer expects to get a nice “gift” from you! As for me I am perfectly good with that, money makes the world go round.

So what does the “little cheapskate” with the toothy grin do? They send NOTHING, zippo, NADA, ZILCH! So now that source of revenue is also gone, not smart. My sources tell me that was good for a few million a year? For me? I love giving wonderful gifts to those who are nice to me and the crew here at Nazarian and Associates. Send me a case worth tens or hundreds you will never forget it, look around this city and see the gifts that I have given to those who have helped us through the years. My gifts are fantastic and many of the finest stores in Beverly Hills know my first name and it is not “cheapskate.” I feel it is ok to be miserable, for some of us it works and I have also found that if you are generous people will put up with you! In saying that, on the other hand, be miserable and cheap, watch your one time big shot “family practice” dry up and disappear.
Note: who wants someone to sit around the house in their boxers, drunk and playing with a gun? When it rains it pours…

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