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“The pickle is out of the jar” – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

“The pickle is out of the jar”

John Travolta

John Travolta is in the middle of a massage mess. Let me say first that I don’t give a flying &*$%K as to what Mr. Travolta does in his private time. It is however a sticky situation. It does seem to me that something may have happened and of course all of the “little” losers will be coming out of the woodwork. You know, “he did this,” “I saw this”…disgusting annoyances is what they are. All we need now is Gloria “pain in the ass” Allred to pop up with one. Now we have some little “VIP” from a cruise line “flopping” around wanting to tell his story…Fabian Zanzi, Chilean – born, I have not even seen him and I am ready for a massage!

Some of what is said in the documents does sound real to me and again, did Mr. Travolta say this? Who cares, much of what is being repeated in the document is sounding very real. There is a time in all of our lives that we are young and attractive and being so in Hollywood can be a “trade-able” commodity. There are many very very powerful gay people in positions of immense power when it comes to making someone a star. These very same people have the power to make anyone a star as long you do all the right things. If you know what I mean, is that bad? I am not sure in the world we live “scratching one anothers back,” “giving someone a hand” has always been around and is alive and well in Hollywood and many other careers. It was mentioned in the lawsuit that men of the “Jewish faith” are leading the charge. That I thought was a ridiculous comment! Attraction is Attraction and one’s religion has nothing to do with it…don’t even get me started on the “Gay Pashtun Bachi Bazi,” aka Dancing Boys LMAO!

Here is another tip, When you file a lawsuit against someone as powerful as Mr. Travolta, I promise you with all my heart his lawyer, Marty Singer, is not going to be fun to play with. As a matter of fact, I don’t think Marty has ever been known to play nice. Mr. Singer is hands down one of the most powerful entertainment litigators in the world, and can make many lawyers wish that they had become car wash attendants rather than lawyers. Merely getting a letter from Marty Singers office would ruin most people’s day and that includes most lawyers. Just wait, it will happen and please remember this little story when you begin to sweat and you are feeling like a rotor-rooter is trying to explore your rectal cavity (different massage). Everyone has something they don’t want to talk about, something that needs to remain buried, that too will change for many of you.

Another thought that I have is what the hell, you are a “male” massage provider, are you telling me that “creative” situations are new to you? Giving one of your clients a happy ending for a big fat tip has never crossed your palm? You want to be legitimate pick another profession, it is a little like a lap dancer getting a stiff feeling from the guy she is grinding on. What you going to do? File a sexual harassment suit against him? Some professions have their “ups and downs.” And if you don’t understand that then maybe you should go into selling ladies’ shoes, your view would certainly be different…but that is not what you really want, is it?

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May 13, 2012
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