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TSA Corruption…No shock here! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

TSA Corruption…No shock here!

Corruption at TSA…NO SHIT! I knew a long time ago that this TSA bullshit was just that. Did anyone pay any attention to who they were hiring? And from where they were seeking potential employees? I did, and that is why I was not surprised.

The job of these TSA employees is a serious one and the responsibility is just as important. They are not cops and they are not “peace officers” but they have a great deal of ACCESS. The criminal element obviously took notice too and now we have a series of events involving and god only knows what other crap these officious looking clowns are pulling. Passing narcotics and what else we will never know.

TSA and much of its management should be reviewed and replaced just like what all the “drum beaters” did to the Secret Service, heads should roll. This incident is much more serious on every level than what these poor agents in the Secret Service are accused of! Much worse. The TSAs director at LAX should be the first to be shown the door.

What got my attention was a couple of years ago one of my sons made an application to join TSA. My opinion was that was fine, he had just got out of college and if this was something that interested him, why not? He filled out all the paperwork that at times seemed far more difficult than it had to be and was scheduled for an interview. We drove down to the location that the interview was to be taken and I knew then again, a problem was waiting. My son was not African American and it seemed that was the goal of this hiring. He is educated, he speaks three languages, reads and writes two, majored in criminal justice and never had a parking ticket and was told that he was not qualified???

He was shocked as one or two on the interview panel seemed to have let’s say, less than a great grasp of the English language? And then to be told, he was not qualified? Those who were involved in the hiring “process” in general would not have been qualified to work for me. And now what we are seeing are “roosters coming home to roost”…Replace the entire management of the TSA and someone had better review the entire process of who has been hired and WHO DID THE HIRING!!!

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April 28, 2012
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