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Bob’s Big Boy…Night and Day

Bob's Big Boy

Eating out for myself and the one or two friends that I do it with regularly is not a big deal. For me I am not impressed with high dollar flash in the pan restaurants that are more of an attack on your wallet and common sense than in satisfying your hunger pain. For me I am happy at any place where the food is good.

On the rare occasion that I have had to go to $150 to $200 dollar per person eateries I am here to tell you, seldom is it worth it. Here is an example the level of difference in my taste.

Everyone, well at least many, know of Bobs Big Boy, here in Burbank is the original. Located at 4211 W. Riverside Dr. Burbank, Ca. 91505. We have been eating here for over 20 years, and if you go during the day the food is great. The difference is simple, during the day you have great management, Mike for example is present all the time, watching, cleaning tables, interacting with the staff and keeping his eye on what is coming out of the kitchen…perfect. The owners should put their bank accounts on the back burner and close, stop the 24 hour thing. It is not working at this location, food and staff are the worst when no one is there to watch them.

Now, if you go to Bobs Big Boy, 4211 W.Riverside Dr. Burbank, Ca. 91505 in the later part of the evening and or early morning hours? Hold on to your hat. Some of the worst service you can imagine, and the food? A total throw of the dice, sometimes not bad, other times, like the service, it just sucks. One of the big problems is Elmer, yup , Elmer is the waiter from hell. My son and I decided to stop in one night for a quick bite after working a case. I ordered a Club sandwich and my son ordered a BBQ burger…food was not bad, not good, but Elmer. Quite possibly one of the worst waiters I have ever seen attempt to serve food. We saw Elmer when he took the order, after what seemed like 40 minutes the food showed up on the table. It took so long I was going to ask for a breakfast menu. Elmer with not a question in my mind could ruin a restaurant’s reputation in a matter of hours…built in 1949, Elmer strikes in 2012!!

I asked for additional mayonnaise and waited and waited, I asked again, never came. Finally when this miserable rat bastard showed up I told him, I guess you did not think I needed the additional mayonnaise?. Stupid looks at me and shrugs his shoulders!! The other problem is that the night management at Bobs Big Boy tend to be rejects from other fast food joints. Why there is such a huge difference in service from the day shifts to the late night and early morning is a good question? My advice is to avoid Bobs Big Boy at night and try to hold out till the daylight hours and Mike the manager will make sure you get a good meal.

Another thought…have you ever wondered why some eateries seem to always have cops present?? Well, how about this? They get BIG discounts and in some cases their meals are all compd. Funnier yet? Is that if you are broke and homeless you cannot just walk into a eating establishment and ask for a 50% discount or a free meal…now you go and get yourself hired as a police officer… presto, Cheap Eats.

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April 24, 2012
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