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The Armenian-Puerto Rican Corruption Connections Keep Coming – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

The Armenian-Puerto Rican Corruption Connections Keep Coming

Zareh Manjikian, alleged killer of Mike Yepremyan
Zareh Manjikian

Who was it that was arrested as he was entering Van Nuys civil court on March 27, 2012? As strange as it may sound and it is strange, as you will understand by reading on, none other than Arutyan “Eric” Demirchyan. Mr. Demirchyan owned the house that one of the killers of Mike Yepremyan was holed up in Puerto Rico. Zareh Manjikian had a nice vacation in Puerto Rico while on the run after murdering Mike Yepremyan and the place was owned by Demirchyan, coincidence? Read on…

Demirchyan was at the court house to deal with a “Family Law Issue” aka “Divorce Court” when he was arrested by the authorities and booked into the Van Nuys jail, well lots of people are getting divorced you say and I certainly agree…but, Read on…

Demirchyans bail was set at $1,100,000…you would have thought that Demirchyan killed someone! He did not, so where did the high bail come from? Something very very serious and I don’t think that the earth has stopped moving yet for Mr. Demirchyan…but wait, there is a little more.

Sen. Lorrna J. Soto Villanueva

Read on…what was the relationship with Mr. Demirchyan and State Senator Lornna J. Soto Villanueva, of you guessed it, Puerto Rico? The names of these two have been bumped around along with another character, Disgraced Judge Gloria Maynard Salgado. How do all three of these people come into play in the course of a murder in Los Angeles? Oh I certainly agree this is a little off and again, this is at this point just too interesting to ignore as you will see as you continue to read. Senator Soto and Judge Maynard-Salgado just have a way with “playing” in the course of performing their official duties that makes a reasonable person wonder?

Senator Lornna J. Soto Villanueva has been a state senator since 2004 and represents the District of Carolina, Puerto Rico. The following was taken from the “Honorable” Senator’s Wikipedia page, very, very fascinating. Read on…

In 2006, Soto was linked to purported Puerto Rican drug dealer Jos Lpez Rosario, also known as Coquito. Lpez was shot in July 2006 by a rival dealer, and was in coma for six days. During that time, Senators Soto and Hctor Martnez Maldonado, and Representative Epifanio Jimnez either visited Lpez, or called to check in his status. Soto has claimed that she knew Coquito for his involvement in the community of Torres de Sabana.

Soto was re-elected in 2008. During her time in the Senate, Soto has presided over the Banking, Consumer Affairs, Public Corporations and Insurance Committees in the senate.

Hey so what if a State Senator calls and checks up on one of the local drug dealers who gets shot up in a gun battle??? Give Senator Soto a break, she is a politician and votes count. Just like here in the states, MONEY and votes is where it is at as any political beast understands. And after all it is “Puerto Rico!” And I bet the “Coquito” was a good provider, oops I meant to say “donator.”

It has also been reported to me that “Judge” Gloria Maynard Salgado and Senator Soto are “pals?” I am just reporting it as I hear it, could be, maybe and I wonder if “Her Honor” also called and checked on Coquito…as they say, Birds of a Feather will Flock Together. For you who don’t remember Her Honor, let’s refresh. Read On…

Zareh Manjikian was arrested in May in San Juan, Puerto Rico as a suspect involved in a San Fernando Valley California shooting in 2009 of Hombert “Mike” Yepremyan. Judge Gloria Maynard Salgado of the Research Division for the Puerto Rico Judicial Branch Court ignored an extradition request and a no bail order and allowed for Manjikian to be bailed out on a $50,000 bond on the condition he return to Court. Curiously enough, the Court listed the case as a civil case of miscellaneous criminal matters. Manjikian never returned to Court.

Well, don’t get too disappointed, rumor has it that the Feds are all over this stuff, Paul Krekorian has called for a Federal Investigation and I understand that request did not fall on deaf ears. This is serious stuff, a “Creative Business” man, State Senator and a Judge? Only in Puerto Rico.

Sounds like a great reality show, Three’s Company!

I was asked if I visit Puerto Rico for vacations? I thought for a few minutes and recall vacationing there with my father in the 60s. To go now? Why? if I want to see poverty I could just as well spend a few hours at a “Spa” in Pacoima.

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, private investigator, security consultant, reporter
March 29, 2012
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