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Who Da Sheriff? John Nazarian Advice on Politics – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Who Da Sheriff? John Nazarian Advice on Politics

Mirkarimi Mug Shot

As a former deputy sheriff with the San Francisco Sheriffs department I have to say nothing would surprise me and nor should it you when it comes to S.F. politics. Michael Hennessey was the Sheriff for over 30 years, keep in mind with the incredible know-how of Ray Towbis and some great political massaging Mike made it to be Sheriff, and kept it! Michael Hennesseys former job as a lawyer was representing prisoners against the City and County of San Francisco. And of course he was as Irish as St. Pattys pig. Here was an example of a guy that was destined to be a nuisance, (in a good way some would say), to the Sheriffs Dept. of San Francisco and went on to “own” it for over 30 years. Michael Hennessey was always a great guy, and even greater at making sure he held that job till he was ready to leave.

As the “new” sheriff in town is understanding it ain’t easy. Ross Mirkarimi has an inaugural on January 7, 2012 (party at the Herbst theater 2 P.M. on January 8, 2012) and is suspended March 20, 2012 for the bruising of his wife during a New Years weekend incident or “gala” depending upon who you ask and when you ask. How is that for not having the political clout that maybe you thought you had? In San Francisco when the “rats” feel the ship sinking they have a tendency to jump ship. Mirkarimi graduated from the S.F. Police academy and worked as a D.A. investigator for 8 years and then moved on to become a county supervisor…only in San Francisco would this qualify you as “The Sheriff.” Mirkarimis position on the “San Francisco 8″ would have been enough for me to say, not happening…but what the hell a group associated with the Black Panthers kills a S.F. cop and Mirkarimi supports the whole thing just be dropped?…as I said, for me, not happening. And again, welcome to the stage of S.F. politics, you have to appease the masses, those damn elections!

Why I have to ask, as I have on numerous occasions, cant we find from within. Sure you know you work hard and you promote and you too can become the Sheriff or Chief of Police…seldom if ever does the cream from within rise to the top. Sheriffs captain Paul Miyamoto should have received the former sheriff of San Franciscos blessing but he did not, Mike Hennessey gave his support to Mirkarimi…go figure. Once again we have to wonder, Who’s Sorry Now.” Miyamoto seemed to me to be the natural choice, right, well-spoken, a captain and being Asian, the stars are all in alignment on this guy? Unfortunately for Miyamoto, “The cream seldom rises to the top.” Miyamoto must be having a bit of a chuckle at all of this.

Funnier yet was what about back in 2008 when the Citys fire chief knocked the crap out of her husband? It was reported that Joanne Hayes-White threw a glass or some object and smacked her old man over the head…different mayor and a different time. Can we all assume that she was well-liked by the powers that be? Knowing from where the power flows is almost as important as being a good candidate. Mr. Sean White recanted the whole story and all is well, even after calling 911 for help after “The Little Chief” kicked his ass! Sean White later stated that he had hit himself over the head with the “pint” glass, sure he did, code 4 on that bullshit. Mirkarimi must be just beside himself as so did his wife recant and say publicly that she wanted to stop all this nonsense and move on. She too loved her adorable “new sheriff.” Mrs. Sheriff had a bruise that got a great deal of publicity. Joanne Hayes-White beat down hubby showed no signs of anything, “Sean hit himself” and the then mayor felt it was a “personal matter” better handled between the two Whites. Mayor Ed Lee is flexing his muscle to show he is in charge…could he have bigger things in his future, perhaps, he is Chinese and the Chinese play a huge part in San Francisco politics, we will see.

Now comes a charge from the past, many years ago a female Captain, Vicki Hennessey, NO RELATION TO MIKE HENNESSEY, when she was not running the jail in San Bruno was trying to get me fired. She and I did not get along and quite frankly I did not care (some take this Captain and Sgt. and Lt. shit a little too far). My good friend John Abney, Sgt, now deceased tried to keep her from me, but when Captain Mommy set her sights on you, you knew the games were going to begin. Now don’t get me wrong, I too loved to do whatever I could to annoy her. But you know she was The Captain and I was the lowly deputy.

The best stunt she pulled on me was when she ILLEGALLY placed an inmate’s report into my PERSONNEL FILE. Yup we have this loser “Toni” who was assigned to the jail garage, Toni said that I was “mean” especially to him. You have to wonder when a female Sheriffs Captain allows a MALE INMATE to manipulate that a good thing? The complaint? That “someone had cut the crotch out of his jail issued underwear.” It had to be me and when then Captain Vicki Hennessey read his sad story she placed it in totality into my PERSONNEL FILE! IS THAT LEGAL SHERIFF VICKI HENNESSEY? Thought, if someone cut the crotch out of your underwear, would you not have woken up? I found this dirtbag’s report in my PERSONNEL FILE when another agency went to do a background on me and that investigator was shocked to see such a thing IN MY FILE. Never in his 25 years had he ever seen an inmate’s report placed in a PEACE OFFICER’S PERSONNEL FILE. Based on that alone, I was hired into a new police agency.

Well, upon hearing this I called Michael Hennessey and he had me speak to Jim, who was the legal counsel to Michael Hennessey and he too was very surprised and removed it and sent it along to the shredder…GOOD JOB VICKI HENNESSEY…how many other people’s careers did you attempt to derail?

Then, of course, when Captain Hennessey found that I needed weekends off that came to a screeching halt, I lost all access to weekends and on that note I left one early evening and never went back. Thanks to Jim Denman, Sgt. in charge of Internal Affairs he gave me some sage advice and I will always be thankful to Sgt. Jim Denman.

And now you have this person as the “Acting Sheriff”…LMAO, I hope she has a better act than when she was a captain. Seeing her in the “Swearing In”…same face, a little bigger around the jowls, and the saggy eyes, my seeing that brought a big smile to my face! And then I looked into the mirror, christ, “Captain Hennessey” looked like me!

As for me, I hope all of these people enjoy the misery that San Francisco politics can bring on to the shoulders of those who take that ride. For me, I do feel Mirkarimi got a great slam from the “politicos” and will he survive? Most likely he will continue to get a “political beating” and one day become the Mayor of San Francisco.

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, private investigator, security consultant, reporter
March 22, 2012
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