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John Nazarians Guests Tonight is Independent Film Producer Ryan Katzenbach – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John Nazarians Guests Tonight is Independent Film Producer Ryan Katzenbach

Straight Talk with John J Nazarian guest is Ryan Katzenbach, who just spent six years and his own money to produce a 6 hour 3 part documentary called SHATTERED HOPES PART I: FROM HORROR TO HOMICIDE. Part 1 deals with the dysfunctional DeFeo family and how the family went from an upper scale family in the small village of Amityville on Long Island New York; to one of the worse family slaughter by the oldest son, Ronald Joseph “Butch” DeFeo, Jr who was 33 years old when he murdered his family.

This is a situation where what really happened the night of November 13, 1974 is scarier than all of the subsequent “ghost stories”; which only one family, the Lutz Family, ever claimed to have happened. The truth “out shines” the horror movies made about the house being haunted.

Part 1 “From Horror to Homicide” has it’s own Face Book page with approximately 3,000 followers.

Part of the Press release states; “Six years in the making, Shattered Hopes takes you inside the DeFeo home at 112 Ocean Avenue like never before. Shattered’s Part I: From Horror To Homicide features interviews with…

Ric Osuna, author of The Night The DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating The Amityville Murders

Dr. Eric Hickey, Ph.D., Forensic psychologist/criminologist and Dr. Kathleen Puckett, Ph.D, retired FBI agent.

Ryan Katzenbach, Amityville researcher who has spent the last decade researching the case.

Suffolk Homicide Detective Gerard Gozaloff, partner to DeFeo lead homicide investigator George Harrison.

Peggy Giambra, Juror #8, The People v. DeFeo

Anthony Gangitano, friend to Marc DeFeo and his teammate on the Massapequa Mustangs’ Football team

Gloria Gangitano, friend of Louise DeFeo.

My co-host and one of my producers Rose Turner has seen the DVD and says that it is so much more interesting and gripping then any of the original “haunting movies”.

Rose Turner has said: “I found this to be one of the most forensic and thorough research of a murdered family that far surpasses the horror movies. As things are often said, the real story is much more disturbing then the fiction of hauntings that made Amityville infamous. Once I started watching the DVD for part 1 I could not stop watching it. There are no words to describe how well this is done and how intense it is. I recommend it to everyone that wants the truth including the real horrors of this house and not Hollywood hype ghost stories.”

Comment telephone lines are open to call during the show at 818-572-8030 long distance charges will apply. If you have a question about the DeFeo family murders for Ryan or an observation to share please call in. We encourage all to participate in this live show.

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