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No License, No Problem

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NO DRIVERS LICENSE, NO PROBLEM…what about all of us who had to learn the rules of the road and then take a test to be sure we knew what we were doing so we would not kill someone on the road! That is how we do it in America, plain and simple. Unlicensed illegal aliens are killing and harming people who happen to fall within their inability to drive a vehicle. Killing citizens, hitting police cars, creating havoc.

Why you ask do I feel this way? They broke the law when they came into the United States and these very same people continue to break the law. Getting a license is for those of us who are playing by the rules and not for illegal aliens, bullshit I say, call ICE! Maybe once they are deported our elected officials and “Top Cops” can take a collection and send the impounded car to them in whatever country they came from originally, these very same “neutered” officials can also pay the “impound fees” for these poor bastards.

In California what appears to be a neutered group of politicians and Chiefs of Police/Sheriffs are trying to make it easy for these poor folk, those that came into this country illegally. Sure, if you are unlicensed and get stopped for a traffic violation and it is discovered that you (the illegal alien) do not NOT HAVE A LICENSE, what some chiefs (LAPD) are trying to implement would allow the “violator” to try and get someone with a license to come and get the car so it won’t be impounded for 30 days…and why, “it is not fair to illegal aliens.” Really? Get a license and deal with getting stopped like the rest of LEGAL DRIVERS.

Oh sure, a licensed driver comes and gets the car and takes it to a place and parks it. That will keep the original unlicensed from driving, bullshit! Certainly not all the violations are Illegal Aliens, just a great number are. Impound the cars and contact ICE.

What next? It is a misdemeanor to be caught driving by a peace officer in California end of story. To any Chief of Police or Sheriff or elected politician who thinks this is good, grow a set of balls and get real. If you don’t have a license you cannot drive a motor vehicle, and my advice for the tax payers is to get rid of anyone in any office who thinks any of this nonsense is a good thing.

Note: I remember when I was a young Explorer for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs office an old deputy (Art Pellino) explained to a citizen that the reason so many blacks were in prison is that more cops patrol crime ridden areas and arrest those who commit crimes. That may not be politically correct and as we all know telling the truth is not easy. The thought behind this is response to “so many hispanics” are getting their cars impounded and don’t have the funds to get the car back sometimes and lose the vehicle, LMAO, Good, I say!

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 9, 2012
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