Celebrity PI John J Nazarian Guest’s Jeffrey Sklan and Dr. Glenn Lipson

Straight Talk with Celebrity P. I. John J. Nazarian’s guests tonight at 7 PM PST – 10 PM PST are Attorney Jeffrey Sklan and forensic psychologist Dr. Glenn Lipson.

Hollywood divorce & criminal lawyer, Jeffrey Sklan termed the saying; “SUDDEN INCOME DEFICIT SYNDROME”. Sklan is also a criminal attorney and often in a divorce suit he will have lawyers refer clients to him because of allegations of domestic violence.

John Nazarian specializes in assets that seem to disappear right before a divorce or during the divorce.

Dr. Lipson is Program Director as well as Associate Professor of the Forensic Psychology Program at Alliant International University, San Diego Campus. A Diplomate in forensic psychology he has evaluated victims, perpetrators and has been retained in suits involving clergy, youth organization and internet exploitation. He has appeared in an Expert capacity on local media outlets, Court TV/Sessions and the Verdict with Paula Todd. Dr. Lipson has worked with HBO and the Discovery channel. As a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology he has testified in homicide, sexual assault and other high profile cases.

Dr. Lipson is often called in to conduct tests and interviews to produce a forensic psychological report of the court.

The subject tonight is the high profile divorces of the rich, famous and powerful. Between the three of these men for one hour of their combined time would cost over $2,000.00.

All three of them also operate in the world of domestic violence. Sklan often has other divorce attorneys refer clients to him involving allegations of domestic violence, to prove it or to defend the charges. John provides security & investigative services to prove or defend charges. John also at times goes along for a “supervised visit involving court appointed monitors”, to assess if they are remaining neutral in the process.

This is your chance to ask this group of experts the questions you have. Is the domestic violence allegations true, or are they an attempt to manipulate a court for an upper hand in the proceedings?

From now until tonight at 6 PM PST you will be able to ask questions you want answer on three websites, here by sending an email to John, Desperate Exes.com & Rose Speaks.com by leaving comments or sending emails to either site or you can call in during the show to ask these questions.

You get them free ONLY for tonight to submit your questions or to call in.

Join us tonight for this top panel of experts and call in and be part of the discussion. Comment telephone lines are always open to call in throughout the one hour show at 818-572-8030 (long distance charges do apply). We encourage you join in the discussion.

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