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John J Nazarian’s Guests Tonight are Robert Jackus & William Cox Partners as LAPD Homicide Detectives Retired – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John J Nazarian’s Guests Tonight are Robert Jackus & William Cox Partners as LAPD Homicide Detectives Retired

Straight Talk with Celebrity P. I. John J. Nazarian’s guests tonight at 7 PM PST – 10 PM PST are retired homicide detectives and partners for the L.A.P.D., Robert A.”Bob” Jakucs and William “Bill” Cox.

Robert Jakucs and William Cox will be discussing two or three top cases they worked as partners while at the L. A. P. D. as homicide detectives that have been totally adjudicated.

John Nazarian with Robert Jakucs and William Cox worked on some cases in the world of a celebrity P. I. in Hollywood, Bob and Bill will discuss the meticulous job John did with two of his favorite go to guys on his cases, what were the cases, and how did they remain friends after working with John.

If there is time they will also talk about congress not working out a budget in the “super committee” which then pushed the have to button that the defense department had to make deep cuts; and now to go forward President Obama’s decision to save the boots on the ground and cutting some of the U. S. Marine Corps troops and spending the money on drones in the future for the protection from war for the U. S. and as a first strike and like have been used to get Osama Bin Laden and keeping Gaddafi pinned down in Libya.

Robert Jakucs
Robert Jakucs

Robert A. Jakucs – Retired Det. L.A.P.D
Robert A. Jakucs is a retired Los Angeles Police Department Detective with over 30-years of investigative experience. During his distinguished career with the L.A.P.D he worked such high-profile assignments as Homicide, Hollywood Vice, SWAT, Robberies, Burglaries, Complex Thefts, and gang-related shootings. He was a member of the Night Stalker Task Force that investigated the serial murderer Richard Ramirez. Robert Jakucs is also a consultant for national television specializing in private and police investigation issues and has appeared on the news shows Nightline, 20/20 and Inside Edition.

William Cox was a Los Angeles Police Detective who retired in 2007 after 32 years
William Cox worked in a variety of assignments including uniformed patrol, CRASH (gang detail) in South-Central and West Los Angeles areas. He also worked homicides for over 20 years and finished his career in Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) which handles major cases including serial killers, multiple murders, media and high-profile cases, officer-involved shootings, and assaults and murders on police officers. He also worked the Rampart Corruption Task Force for two years. William Cox was also involved or handled several high-profile cases over the years including the Kimes (mother-son grifters who were responsible for 3 murders in LA, NY, and the Bahamas); the Goetz of the West case; the murder of the pregnant mother at LAX; plus several others.

William Cox has appeared on Investigative Discovery channel, 48 Hours, and E-entertainment. He is currently employed by the US State Dept. as a background investigator.

William Cox’s last case he worked on at RHD was a Chinese immigrant student attending USC who had gone to a frat party and had attempted to pull a gun and start shooting students. He was wrestled to the ground by other students who then called police. After a search warrant was served on the suspect’s apartment Cox and three other detectives were sent to NY City to investigate and attempt to identify approximately 20 persons he had targeted to possibly kill. (This incident occurred shortly after the mass murders at West Virginia Tech.) Cox was also working on a murder where a husband set his car and wife on fire on the Golden State Frwy. Cox had also been working (for the past four years) on a double homicide that had occurred in 2002 wherein two victims were killed in their car and their car set on fire. That murder was the story that 48 Hours has done and shown on television in February 2011.

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