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Short n’ sweets!


UPDATE: I have been informed that my friend Hillary is taking a well deserved break and is not partnering up. And that Tara will be back at T&T…I am still thinking a well deserved break will be in order after the baby!

I was told by a good friend that January is for DIVORCE lawyers what April is for ACCOUNTANTS. I asked why and I was told that it is all about the gifts, bad gifts tend to be the last straw in bad marriages…someone go to and find me a DIVORCE lawyer!

What once famous lawyer attempted to record a supervising judge in his chambers and was discovered when the tape ended and began to beep? Can you imagine? Poor fellow should have gotten some advice from his very good “friend”…sure the one that is doing years in Federal Prison for “tap tap tapping away.”

Rumor has it that Hillary Slevin, formerly of Trope and Trope is moving on. Sources tell us at that Ms. Slevin is joining up with one Bret Hunter, also a one time associate of Trope and Trope. We here at wish Ms. Slevin all the best.

All pregnant mommies need some time to prepare for the big day and we are told one of the associates at Trope and Trope will also be taking some time off. The question is will she be back? The word around the law library is “don’t bet on it.” Babies need attention and highly respected DIVORCE lawyers need to keep priorities in line. Keep your feet up and enjoy the time, enjoy the time even more with your baby! We wish you well and nothing but the best!

Was that a “former” partner moving on down the line we saw in Beverly Hills? Levin Margolin is just that, it appears Itzkowitz has moved on. Harris – Ginsberg is looking like the place the boxes are being unloaded at. From partner to associate? Harris – Ginsberg is a nicely run firm. We at seldom if ever hear of this firm, Larry Ginsberg I see often around the court house. Unlike some partners he is always well dressed and pleasant.

Well-placed sources are telling us that something may be cooking with Pellicano and a potential book or movie??? Michael Viner was bumping around years ago claiming a “book” or something interesting was in the works between him and Pellicano. Viner died August 8, 2009, a miserable death, somewhat fitting I guess, after all he was “Michael Viner.” Funny little side story, I met Michael Viner at his home one day years ago as I told him to leave. I was tossing Mr. Viner out of his own home for being an annoyance, he was “cooperative,” what choice did he have, none!

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 12, 2012
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