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Happy 2012! Happy New MOLM Partners! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Happy 2012! Happy New MOLM Partners!

Let me just say this, seldom if ever am I completely wrong on many issues concerning people and what they are capable of doing. Be it bad or good, I know my stuff when it comes to the human element. And please do not hold it against me, if I thought I had a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming a judge, I would have been in law school 20 years ago (some of you don’t like the judges that sit now? Could you have imagined me looking down at you?). And to some degree I have been a judge at the “street” level, if you will. All those years of working in the state pen, sheriffs deputy and police officer, the advice I give to persons and companies as to who to keep and who to fire, judging! I just don’t get to sit at a higher level or wear a black robe, however my bed is high and I do wear a nice robe but it is not the same.

Anne N. Slusser
Anne N. Slusser

Earlier in 2011 I stated that some associates should not even have a window in their office door (and some firms do not have windows). Only as to the level of limited abilities that some have…you know who you are. I also stated that there were several associates that were on the fast track forward and I believed it with all my heart and once again “I am right!” One of this city’s biggest DIVORCE practices has become Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers. This firm now takes up more than half of the 14th floor at 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard here in Los Angeles. There has been a very cool re-model of the entire practice, which was always nice but is just a little nicer. Of course when you are moving on up and taking more of the market share what do you need? Two new partners! For me there is no surprise, as a matter of fact I am happy to say that I agree with the decisions, I am thrilled for Anne and Ben.

Benjamin Valencia II
Benjamin Valencia II

I have known both of these wonderful people from their very early days of being hired, first, Anne Nakornratana Slusser, Esq (I was thrilled when she got married and took on the last name of “Slusser”). Anne, as we call her, is a powerhouse when it comes to getting the answers and often appears in court. The second and again no surprise around my table is Benjamin Valencia II, Esq. You want to see someone in action with no holds barred sit back and watch Mr. Valencia II, not sure about #1 but I will tell you #2 is always fun to watch and to listen to. Personality wise both of these new partners are very different, however as to drive and reaching the goal they both fit the pedigree of Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers. Congratulations from and from me, John J. Nazarian and my staff!

Michael Trope and Patrick DeCarolis have moved to one of the most attractive offices I have seen in years. 12121 Wilshire Boulevard (top floor), Los Angeles, California 90025. These offices have some of the most spectacular views I have seen, from the hills to the ocean and it is all uninterrupted. Trope and DeCarolis never do anything half-stepping and their new offices reflect the very best of woods, stone and furnishings, very cool! Look forward to having some coffee and an appropriate snack while I enjoy the view.

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 1, 2012
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