John J Nazarian’s Guest Tonight is Dr. Glenn Lipson Profiler

Straight Talk with Celebrity P. I. John J. Nazarian will have as a guest tonight, Glenn S. Lipson, PhD, who is a California-based forensic psychologist, with vast experience in performing criminal evaluations and testifying for both prosecutors and the defense.

Dr. Lipson has assisted law enforcement nationally, as well as London’s New Scotland Yard, and serves as a professor at Alliant International University. He’s the founder of the online training program,, which is sweeping the nation with its collaborative, community-based approach for ending educator/student sexual abuse.

Dr. Lipson chose his profession after his grandfather was murdered by a co-worker with an ax. We will see if he is willing to discuss that case and how it has impacted his life and career choice.

Dr. Lipson has provided trial commentary for InSession/Court TV, and on various cases for HBO, Discovery and local television; is a frequent guest on talk radio; and has been quoted in numerous magazines and books.

Lipson’s knowledge of all the top cases in the news lets him offer practical solutions for turbulent times.

Dr. Lipson is Program Director as well as Associate Professor of the Forensic Psychology Program at Alliant International University, San Diego Campus. A Diplomate in forensic psychology he has evaluated victims, perpetrators and has been retained in suits involving clergy, youth organization and internet exploitation. He has appeared in Expert capacity on local media outlets, Court TV/Sessions and the Verdict with Paula Todd.

As a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology Dr. Gipson has testified in homicide, sexual assault and other high profile cases.

Since Dr. Cyril Wecht has completed the second autopsy of Rebecca Zahua and found he did not believe it was suicide, but the local small town police department was too embarrass to reopen the case, and the fact that Dr. Lipson has worked with the San Diego D. A. in previous cases; John will be asking Dr. Lipson since he will be a valuable second opinion using Lipson profiler skills of women and what he feels about this case. More important will it ever be reopened and look at again?

Instead of discussing Casey Anthony, John J. Nazarian will be discussing the jury in the Anthony case and did they come up with the right verdict, considering the rush to prosecute Anthony, with the evidence presented at trial.

The Aruba case and Gary Giordano who was just released by the Aruba Court and is back home in Maryland, U. S.; that will lead of course to the infamous Van Der Sloot 2nd murder and his multiple civil suits since being arrested and expedited back to Peru. Who got raw deals and who are truly potential killers?

We can not have a profiler on with out asking Dr. Lipson about the rampant bullying in our schools that is leading in many cases to tragic killings and suicides, especially among the LGBTQ teens. What he thinks schools should do or what training should be provided and how to stop this epidemic cycle of bullying that leads to deaths of our youth.

Telephone lines are always open to call in at 818-572-8030 long distance charges do apply, join in the discussion or ask questions of John and his guest.

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December 4, 2011
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