John J Nazarian Guests Tonight is Limo Bob and Fifi Larue

Straight Talk with John J Nazarian guests are Fifi Larue, Gothic Killer Clown of Rock N Roll, and Reality TV show host Limo Bob.

Limo Bob (Robert Strauser) has seen rough times and good times but comes through with the perseverance to not quit and it has paid off for him.

In his own words… Biography – Decades of “Limo Bob”
“I have been told that my life story has moved people in many ways. I have received hundreds of letters from people all over the world. I have hurdled over obstacles many times in my life. God has blessed me with a wonderful life and family. When times were very rough and I thought I was doomed, my wife never left my side. She even blessed me with two wonderful children and her undying support. I firmly believe that with all the support of my family and weathering all the rough times, I am truly the man I am today because of my experiences.

1970s I started a limo business; but some very unscrupulous people blew it up and burned down the whole fleet.

1980s I started all over again; being ever so trusting, a sophisticated con scam with a Hollywood twist takes my company away. I was scammed out of the longest limo in the world. Lost it all in the 80s and ended up selling Barney dolls on the street corners.

1990s I started all over again from the bottom to the top. This time I became a Limo Icon, and held the record for the longest limo ever built. Because of an attack on one of my limo drivers and a court battle, I lost all my assets.

2000s With new insight, I now build Limo King Enterprises, Inc. I now: Build ~ Sell ~ Rent the worlds Finest, Longest and Most Exotic Limousines in the World!

Presently, I hold the title in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest limousine (100 feet long). Besides Limos I also rent out: Yachts, Jets, Helicopters, Security and I am a consultant for Limo World. I attribute my success to being kind to others. I donate my services to many worthy causes, such as, children in need, elderly, challenged children, battered women, and most of all nursing home clients. During the Holidays, giving nursing home members The Grand Chauffeuring Tour, this is truly my favorite gift to them; it makes me feel like the richest man on earth. The look of Joy and Happiness on their faces, as we give them the White Glove Treatment, it is a gift to me also, as I believe with all my heart, What goes around, comes around!

I have been told many times that my life story has been an inspiration to many, even some who were in such despair, they were seriously contemplating committing suicide. But after seeing a program on TV, and then talking with me personally, their lives were turned around and they gave life another chance, and succeeded.

Limo Bob “LIMO” The the NEXT BIG THING on TRU TV Premiered June 25th, @ 10pm ~ Limo Bob 2 time Guinness Book World Record holder of the Longest limo in the world, the 100 footer & the most exotic limo, the Boeing 727 jet limo

I have had and still have the greatest life ever! I had the best wife on the planet My Beautiful Maureen, I use to say on a scale of 1 to 10, she is a “11” & on the inside she is a 22, I will love her forever! Divorced and now single as of Valentines’ day 2010 (Mo & I spent 3 decades of our life together) today we are friends and great parents to our 2 wonderful kids, Bobby & Jenny they are what gave me my drive in life to succeed. Now I start my all new reality TV show called “Limo Bob”, and my son MTV Bobby is my co-star and we have bodyguards, assistants, and midget matre d’ serving you cocktails and Hors d’uvre as they walk up and down the long isles of the limousines…. We Build, Rent & Sell limos worldwide! I love to motivate the world! Read my BIO. coming soon Da Movie King of Road! and the BOOK from Rags to Tuxedos! 866-LIMO-BOB and if you ever need a Motivational Speaker I’m your man! I love emptying out Nursing homes and orphanages, and children’s hospitals, FREE Rides for all……. It is my way of thanking GOD for all I have been blessed with all my entire life! Never give up your faith, drive and loyalty to you and yours…. God has now blessed me all over again by sending me Ms. Christi! a true Angel from God, She makes me so very happy! Thanks Christi. ~ Much Love Limo Bob! I love life to the fullest. Ready for Hollywood, here we come.

If my brief story interests you, you can read my Full Biography HERE at

Fifi Larue Gothic Killer Clown of Rock N Roll
Fifi Larue TV personality and also known as Gothic Killer Clown of Rock N Roll. Larue has been featured on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Americas Got Talent, The Next Great American Band. Fifi Larue looks like a member of the band KISS when made up and ready to go on stage. John and Larue have a friendship that has spanned decades. They will unravel more Hollywood Secrets about famous bands, including KISS.

Telephone lines are always open to call in, join in the discussion or ask questions of John and his guests, Fifi Larue and Limo Bob at 818-572-8030 long distances charges do apply.

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November 17, 2011
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