Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty – Bail Revoked Adam Braun is John J Nazarian Guest Tonight

Dr Murray found guilty in the death of Michael Jackson and Judge Pastor was quick to revoke bail and remand Dr. Conrad Murray to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department pending sentencing on Nov. 29, 2011.

The only surprising thing today was the remanding and revoking bail. We all thought Murray would be convicted. John has said on many shows this was like musical chairs and when the music stopped Murray was left standing with the Propoful bottle in his hand.

Murray barely had time to look back at his mother and girlfriend before being taken into custody and whisk out of the court room.

Straight Talk with John J Nazarian guest tonight is Criminal Defense attorney Adam Braun, who has been both a prosecutor and now one of the top criminal defense attorneys in California. Braun will answer questions of what now? Over crowding in the jails, why the revoking of bail? Can the defense appeal based on Dr. Klein never appeared in trial which was a major set back most say to Murray? Will Murray get house arrest or a retreat like Ryan Bowman did for involuntary manslaughter in the Lauren Freeman case, at camp Seal on the California coast line.

Adam Braun is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in California. Braun is the Principal at Law Offices of Adam H. Braun and was a Federal Prosecutor at the United States Attorneys Office for over 6 years. The Princeton University graduate represented Dr. Khristine Eroshevich during the lead up to the Anna Nicole Smith trial. Braun was the attorney for one of Anthony Pelicannos co-defendants.

In other bizarre interviews we have Dr. Arnold Klein on what looks like his golden throne.

“Dr. Arnold Klein said he personally tried several times to prevent other doctors from administering propofol to Jackson for sleep. “I knew this problem existed,” Klein said in the interview. “I did my best to prevent it. Whenever I could, I prevented it, but I’m only one man and I have to support my own life and take care of myself.”

Klein disputed the argument by Dr. Conrad Murray’s lawyers that he addicted Jackson to Demerol in the months before his death, saying he used only low doses of the painkiller while repairing Jackson’s collapsed nose and jaw line.

Klein described three instances in which he said he was involved in interventions to prevent Jackson from getting propofol, the surgical anesthetic the coroner ruled killed him, although Klein gave no indication of when the incidents occurred.

In the first instance, Klein said he chartered a plane to Las Vegas when he heard Jackson was getting propofol at a hotel where the singer was staying. Klein claimed he threw out the doctor involved to prevent him from giving Jackson the drug. In another encounter in Hawaii, Klein said he and his nurse slept on the floor of Jackson’s room to prevent him from getting propofol from a plastic surgeon.

Klein claimed he once “saved” Jackson in New York when another doctor administered propofol, combined with another drug. It made Jackson go “running down the street,” Klein said. Klein, interviewed in his Beverly Hills home, said that while it was too upsetting to him to watch much of the trial, he watched enough to believe Murray wanted to “make me look like a demon” and “make me as a scapegoat.”

Klein said he began the slow and painful process of rebuilding some of Jackson’s facial skin in early April after his nose collapsed and after he lost his jaw line.

Be sure to watch the snip of the clip at: http://www.hlntv.com/video/2011/11/06/exclusive-doctor-says-mj-addicted-propofol

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