Guest Tonight on Straight Talk with John J Nazarian Tonight is Dawna Kaufmann Author/Investigative Journalist

Straight Talk with John J Nazarian guest is Author/Investigative Journalist Dawna Kaufmann.

You can pick up your copy of From Crime Scene to Courtroom by Dawna Kaufmann and Dr. Cyril Wecht at Amazon as well as many other book stores.

Pick up a synopsis of the book at Straight Talk with John J Nazarian as well as a copy of the article on Indy Car Driver to read before the show airs live tonight at 7 PM PST – 9 PM EST

Dawna Kaufman will start the show with an update on her Nov. 7th article in the GLOBE magazine on the death of Indy Car driver Dan Wheldon. Very sad, but Dawana has some exclusive details she will be sharing with John and his listeners.

Kaufmann then has some questions for John about the Anna Nicole Smith trial and appeal and his thoughts of a possible retrial of Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich on charges the jury deadlocked on and the pending appeal if if those convictions are reinstated by the California Appeals Court.

This is going to be a great show with a lot to cover in just 30 minutes.

Dawna Kaufmann is an accomplished true crime journalist.

Her new book, From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Examining the Mysteries Behind Famous Cases, written with Dr. Cyril Wecht, blasts open the death probes involving Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony and five other criminal cases.

Kaufmann has covered hundreds of high-profile homicide and missing person cases for national publications. She is also an award-winning producer and writer, with a multitude of credits in television, including late-night comedy programming and prime-time network variety series. Kaufmann will be a crossover guest also appearing alone covering all of the Celebrity Hollywood Gossip. You will love the way John and Ms. Kaufmann plays off of each other and her one line zinger come backs to John.

Telephone lines are always open at 818-572-8030 to call in throughout the show. We encourage you to join in the discussion, or ask questions of John and his Dawna.

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