Kim Kardashian slamdunks Kris Humphries in opening of 1st quarter

Kim Kardashian slamdunks Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian files for divorce…oh my god, tell me it is not true? Having a relationship with Kim is a little like falling in love with an ice cube! Be careful as it will be gone rather quickly unless things are kept “chilled.” Marrying this one is similar to the “Frog and the Scorpion.”

I feel that this was all nothing but a PR game and all of those businesses that paid millions to be associated with this “72 hour PR shoot,” should also understand they too got scammed, just my thoughts. It is my understanding that many of the companies that supplied stuff for the wedding did so at a cost, throw that money right out the window. Why I ask would any girl planning a wedding want the curse of Kim K to be involved, or want to be associated with anything involving this renegade group of Armos? When it comes to class the Kardashians are almost like a virus to the term, leave them around anything classy and it it digested and turned into pig slop for this family to wallow in.

Everyone got played and I think it is becoming obvious to the world it was nothing but a money grab for the Kardashians…who would not want their own little girl to grow up like any one of the Kardashians, just a real class group.

Kris Humphries does not believe in a divorce, get a grip Kris it is coming and fast, you should have realized what a shit sandwich you were slipping into when someone forgot to tell you “Luvey” aka Big Butt, was married before! LMAO

One of the more disgusting and insulting comments that I heard was a comparison to the Gabor sisters, you have got to be crazy! The Gabor sisters were naturally beautiful and had class, real class, the kind that is very difficult to find in today’s world.

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October 31, 2011
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