This week John J Nazarian takes on the Tough Subject of GLBTQ Teens Killing Themselves Over Bullying

Straight Talk with John J Nazarian tackles the problem of teen suicide among GBTLQ students.

It would be easy to sensationalize this subject as others have done but not on Straight Talk. John goes beyond the surface and talks about one of the teen suicides in a way as to not create what is called “contagion suicide”, in what is a growing problem. Is it bullying? Is it that LGBTQ teens can’t talk about this with anyone? Are these teens put in a position of lying about what is going on? How do we turn this around?

Real changes and real solutions are not easy.

Today’s guest are Tammy AsBerg and possibly her husband Shawn, talking about their son Justin Aabert who had a passion for music and was a gifted cello player. He performed in his high school’s orchestra as well as for the musicals at his school. He also was a gifted composer. The song played in the featured video today was written by Justin while in the eighth grade, it is called “Incinerate”.

Though Justin is said to have had a supportive home life and wonderful friends, he was victimized by students who verbally and physically harassed him because he was gay.

Tragically, Justin took his own life on July 9, 2010. Justin was only 15 years old. Justin never had the opportunity to learn that things do in fact get better. Shortly after his death, his family and friends made it their mission to tell Justin’s story and to make sure that other young gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning students would no longer have to go through the hardships Justin faced. It is now their mission to let students know that there is help available and that every person is born with gifts that need to be shared. Justin’s Gift is just one of those efforts!

Join John Nazarian today in the talk about Justin, what went wrong, and what can we as a society do to address this pain and change this direction. Justin lived in a school district in Michigan who appear to have an outbreak of contagion suicide, why?

This is a must hear show.

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Don’t become part of the “contagion of suicide”. If you are a GLBTQ teen and you feel suicidal there are people to talk to and they will understand you. Call The Trevor Project Saving young lives at 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386); there mission statement is that “The Trevor Project is the Leading National Organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth.”

In Minnesota there is Justin’s Gift provides empowering programming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning youth and their ally friends. The services are primarily for youth in the general vicinity of Anoka, Andover, Blaine, Champlin, Coon Rapids, and Ramsey but youth from any community are welcome!
1. Provide teen focused programming such as; study skills, health education, job skills, tutoring, social issues and arts programming.
2. Connect youth with mental health resources if needed.
3. Provide mediation to youth and their parents.
4. Provide resources and support for teens who may be experiencing bullying at their school.
5. Partner with schools and other organizations to provide educators with the tools to create schools that are LGBTQ inclusive.
6. Annually presents Anoka LGBTQ Youth Pride.

You can also reach out to John here at Straight Talk at John J Nazarian and John will see you get a list of resources including Face Book groups and Twitter groups. You are not alone, you are loved!

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October 25, 2011
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