EXCLUSIVE! Ronald and Jo Ann Hilton Check in to the Divorce Suite

Ronnie and Jo-Ann Hilton
Ronnie and Jo-Ann Hilton
The Hilton Hotels, this was a name based in a very special class of accommodating many travelers through the years since 1925. Real class hotels, the best…hmmmm, maybe not so much in today’s world, my thoughts. As you will see, one of the “Heirs” also, hmmm, not so classy or as the expression goes, “money does not buy class.” The chain boasts that it has 3,750 hotels and 610,000 hotel rooms worldwide (under several different brands, some spectacular and some not so much). The last comment could describe some of the heirs, some are spectacular and some are let.s just say, “Unique.” One such “Unique” Hilton is Uncle Ronnie, Paris Hiltons uncle…this is another question to ponder, why is Paris famous? I have some thoughts but I need to stay a little proper in this story.

Los Angeles Superior Court Case # BD 548 132 describes the divorce of Ronald J. Hilton, aka “Ronnie” and his soon to be ex wife Jo-Ann Hilton. Filing date is September 28, 2011, the happy couple were married September 9, 1999 and “separated” July 15, 2011 (this is also the date that we use on DESPERATEEXES.com as the date the “trash was tossed to the curb.”) It was Jo-Ann that said this is it, I have had enough! And no children between the two. Ronnies only real claim to fame is that he is the youngest son of William Barron Hilton and the grandson of the founder of the Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hilton. And he is the Uncle of Paris…really? Wow and who cares? Having this lineage has been just wonderful in the form of having a rather large chunk of MooLah. Bring on the strippers, “I am rich and will pay you to entertainment me, LOTS…I love being me, after all I am a HILTON.”

The records show how Ronnie has a weakness for adult entertainment (scantily clad young ladies) and an occasional “good” meal…LOL. One of the exhibits states that on 8.26.11 Ronnie spent $762.78 at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills…this is a Chinese restaurant that is beyond over-priced and is as arrogant in attitude as they come, Mr. Chow my ass! I am sure that Mr. Hilton does not have to wait in line and why should he if he is dumb enough to spend over $700 dollars for Chinese food…”the rich are different.” Those who handle the front door of Mr. Chows can spot the suckers as they exit their cars, (you ever visit Beverly Hills and want to see fools separated from their cash? Go get a coffee and sit across the street and you will see one of the best hustles in Chinese food) did I say suckers, I meant to say “rich and famous”…the rich get treated different at these joints.

“Fools and their money,” it is stated in the declaration (exhibit K) of Jo-Ann Hilton that for two and one half weeks from July 6 to July 24, 2011 Ronnie spent $19,328.63 for “Prisma Entertainment” aka a STRIP CLUB aka Plan B. Like the Sopranos, Bada Bing, “titties galore,” “look at dat ass,” you can look and better not touch…unless you got some BIG Do Re Money and always the hope of “so much more!”

NOTE: to all my female readers, seldom do Adult Entertainment establishments use the same name on their signage as on their credit card billing, it will not be, “Big Boobs and Tight Butts” rather it might be Savannah,” lots of important people go to these places and you don’t want Boobs and Butts on your credit card statement. No big deal right, we all have plan Bs and as I said before, “the rich are different,” working guys like you and me have a “Plan B” to feed and take care of a family…not in this case folks. Here is a thought, was Ronnie cumming or going for that price? Other accusations in the declaration speak of $1,660.60 at Louis Vuitton…a gift? I have been known to give special gifts also from Louis,” actually more $$$$ than this one, hmmm I guess if it was for a stripper that could get a very special lap dance! Keep “dem” dollars coming I guess, open wide for “Ronnie.” The charges are interesting to in the dollar amounts, lots of $160.50, two were for $620.60 and $1,240.20 that has to be some real adult entertainment. This makes me feel cheap, I complain at the $100 for the two hour massage and happy ending as in
I am often happy it has ended…ouch!

It would appear that Ronnie likes the Chateau Marmont Hotel (the only thing this old dump needs is a wrecking ball). $702.55 on 6.25.11 and again on July 6, 2011 $2,187.48 he must have been rolling like a rock star on that night. Ronnie also likes the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, $2,055.55, here is a thought in Ronnie’s roaming, is he checking out the competition? I did not see any Hilton Hotel property on his journeys around Los Angeles and quite frankly I don’t blame him, The Chateau is old and seedy and The Four Seasons is very nice…could it be he knows something the rest of the traveling public does not know? Here is another thought, does he get to stay free at Grandpas hotels? Could be. For me and a few “pals” nothing nicer than the Ritz or the Four Seasons, I will always pass on a Hilton, unless I was a stripper or if I was an owner of a stripper paradise, then I guess I would love a HILTON, LMAO.

Mr. Ronald J. Hilton is being represented by the Law of Offices of Meyer, Olson, Lowy and Meyers. Mrs. Jo-Ann Hilton is being represented by Trope & Decarolis.

My final thought in all of this is simple, do the rest of the “Heirs” live like this and squander good money on strippers and good times in 2011, what must it have been like in the old days? The “founding father” days of the Hilton Hotel chain, what the hell, the rich have always been different and sometimes not too smart..”Hey, pay attention to me I am rich and I will pay and pay, I love paying, here take some money, see I like giving away, well most of the time anyway…how Much did you say?”

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 19, 2011
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