The ACLU – Chief of Police Ron Depompa – Glendale California

“Spaniards and Mexicans”, do you realize that in Glendale at least at the level of Chief of Police they are the same, sure they are, does Spain not share a border with Mexico? I guess when you become a chief in Glendale, world geography is not a requirement. Along with civil rights, the ACLU is going to teach everyone the rules. What is the problem, could it be from the top, Chief Ron Depompa, is it possible that from the same system that brought us Randy Adams it is now morphing into something similar and even more comical (Randy Adams was the former Chief who retired on disability, took his Glendale pension, and was then hired as Chief at Bell. “Handicapped” Adams was making a fortune over at the City of Bell, no way you say? Visit Glendale!)?

Can we get Moe, Larry and Joe chasing each other around the city with water guns? How can the City of Glendale keep allowing their police department to roll on down the road into history as a department of racists and clowns (Adams & Depompa)? Is it just from the top down…what about the line officers, what must they do to keep their jobs? Are they chased and harassed by pompous I.A. who cluck around like roosters trained to cock fight? Where is I.A. in all of this? Where was I.A. when Adams was chief?

Back to this incredible story, Glendale Police under the supervision of Captain Michael Rock thought it was a splendid idea to corral Hispanic kids at a local high school and with the help of the L.A.P.D. conduct intimidation and interviews of more than 50 students at Hoover High School. It was reported to teach the students that turning towards gangs is a bad thing…a great intention that went to hell in a police car.

What did they do you ask? They attended school this particular day, that is all it takes in Glendale. Many of the kids were terrorized by the very people with badges and guns that they are supposed to respect and trust to help. Several students knew this was all wrong and voiced their thoughts that this was not how “cops” are supposed to act and were ordered, “sit down and shut up.” They should have called for a Sgt. or a Captain from the LAPD someone had to feel that this was not going to be a good thing. This whole event has low levels of the 50’s and 60’s era of racism and we are alive and well, maybe not so much as we are talking about Glendale P.D.

This taken from the ACLU press release:

”The ACLU of Southern California and the law firm Traber & Voorhees today sued the City of Glendale and the County of Los Angeles and individual officers from the Glendale Police Department (GPD), the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Los Angeles County Probation Department, and administrators at Hoover High School for racial profiling and unlawful search and seizure.

The lawsuit is based on a roundup of Latino students conducted last year at Hoover High School in Glendale. On September 24, 2010, school administrators, working with police and school-based probation officers, rounded up fifty-six Latino students during their lunch period, herded them into classrooms, interrogated them, and forced them to pose for mock mug shots. The students were targeted even though the police had no evidence that they were violating any laws or breaking school rules.”

Glendale PD for many years and even to this very day is a department that at times appears out of control.

Can you imagine working under the “Tutelage” of Randy Adams the disgraced former “Top Cop”? The very same virus continues to infect this department. Here is a thought from a CAPTAIN with the Glendale P.D

“Defendant Michael Rock, a captain in GPD who authorized the roundup, acknowledged that the students’ ethnicity was central in determining which students were detained,

(very good, open mouth stick foot in) adding that GPD had planned to conduct a similar operation targeting Armenian students (perfect, now we are on a roll).

Now everyone knows my opinion of Armenians, however, “The Turks treated the Armenians one hundred years ago better than some of the members of the Glendale Police Department do today.” And based on Captain Rock, more “gifts” were coming to the Armenians all compliments of Captain Rock! Really what kind of thought process would make anyone especially a police captain think this is ok? How about this, this comes from the very core of the attitude of this police department, the core of this apple is just simply rotten! Let’s see, Koreans, Gays, blacks who is next? This is the very same department that continues to keep getting themselves sued and for what you ask? Does this city have a city manager? Activity and outrageous behavior such as this will keep the City of Glendale in lawsuits for years to come! The city council and the city manager better wake up, this is the mentality that is going to empty the city’s coffers.

We can almost reflect back to the days of the “Viking Captain,” who can forget that character, what is the requirement to make it to “captain?” Funnier yet what does it take to become the chief of police…how long might it take for some federal agency to investigate this police department?

On a personal note, there is no way that I would have sent my kids to any school that has “school based probation officers.” Call me a snob, I will wear it as a badge of honor.

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October 16, 2011
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