Judges Gordon M Scott and Thomas Trent Lewis movin’ up!

Judge Scott Gordon
It is always a pleasure to report that a change is coming to the Los Angeles Superior Court, family law divisions aka DIVORCE court. Judge Scott M. Gordon has been chosen to take over for Judge Majorie Steinberg as the supervising judge of the family law departments at the end of the year. And if that was not great news in itself, Judge Thomas Trent Lewis will be the assistant supervising judge, can it get any better? This writer does not think so.

There is no secret that both of these bench officers are two of my personal favorites and that of our site DesperateExes.com. We were big supporters that Commissioner Gordon be appointed judge of the superior court, and he was. It was obvious many people felt that it was time for this appointment and as history is proving it certainly was the time. Judge Gordons background goes from street cop to prosecutor and at one time serving at the Hague with the international Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 1997. The decision to choose these two is brilliant and we at DesperateExes.com are applauding this decision.

Judge Thomas Trent Lewis
Judge Lewis
The other wonderful news is Judge Thomas Trent Lewis, this guy like Gordon knows the game and the games that people like to play in DIVORCE court and was destined for this job as a judge, he is “Judge Lewis.” Sitting in either of these courts is better than any court TV show I have ever watched. Seldom do I ever exit either of these courts not amused after having listened to the lawyers and their clients try and play word games with these two judges (most of the times it does not end well.) It seems only natural that Judge Lewis be chosen as the assistant, Judge Lewis was one of the first attorneys to be certified by the State Bar as a family law specialist in 1997. Judge Lewis is a graduate of UCLA and University of La Verne San Fernando Valley College of Law. Judge Lewis was appointed to the bench in 2006, prior to being appointed Lewis was a partner at Rehwald, Rameson, Lewis & Glasner…nice! The courts in California are in a very serious state of flux and it does not look like it is going to get much better anytime soon. For any jurisdiction to have the dedication and attention to duty that these two bench officers have is better than money in the bank. Judges Scott Gordon and Thomas Trent Lewis are the best examples today of “The Buck Stops Here.”

And again I warn all of you going before either of these two, get your Sh*# together and keep it straight, for if you don’t you will leave these courts feeling as though your life is about to change for the worse, and you will be right! Tell these two judges the truth and you will be treated fairly, my opinion.

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 16, 2011
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