Congratulations, Ass’t Police Chief Mark Stainbrook!

Congratulations to Lt. Mark Stainbrook of the Los Angeles Police Department on his recent appointment to Assistant Police Chief of the San Diego Harbor Police. Mark was chosen from a pool of 91 potential applicants for this position. The San Diego Harbor Police Department is the law enforcement authority for the Port of San Diego. The jurisdiction includes San Diego Bay, San Diego International Airport and the tidelands around the bay. I guess we can assume they have a few boats, as I recall Lt. Stainbrook is very well versed in boating. This Department does it all, from the air, ground, sea and on foot this agency does it all.

Assistant Chief Stainbrook is currently serving as the officer in charge of the Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Section at the Los Angeles Police Department at the rank of Lieutenant. He is also a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, where he served active duty tours in Iraq and Kosovo. Talk about being where the action is, and controlling that all goes well in the position he holds with the United States Marines. Mark was also the acting Chief of Police of Bahgdad when U.S. forces captured and took control of Iraq, can you imagine telling your kids that story?

In addition to his experience, Assistant Chief Stainbrook is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, a Fullbright Fellow from Leeds University in London, and holds a masters degree in Public Administration from California State Long Beach.

With Lt. Stainbrook’s background with the U.S. Marines it seems only natural that he would find himself in San Diego and dealing with water, boats and bad guys. San Diego’s port is home to over 255 cruise ship calls, almost one million passengers, top 30 ports for container ships in the country, the area covers parts of five other cities. As a former copper this place does sound like fun, of course in a very serious way.

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October 14, 2011
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3 Responses to Congratulations, Ass’t Police Chief Mark Stainbrook!

  1. Julie says:

    Wow, congratulations to Mark! Lucky San Diego, they could not have made a better choice. Although I may sleep a little less well now, knowing that he’s no longer watching over us here.


  2. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Mark you will be moving to world of smiles and a certain percentage of back stabbing….welcome to the world of Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs!!!!

    Just a little advice, ” real friends have a value that is worth more than gold ”

    Any organization should be honored and lucky to have you on board…
    John, Mike, Chris and Jonathan

  3. Jim L. says:

    Congratulations to you, Mark! Quite the accomplishment. Wish you and the family the best in San Diego. Sincerely, I look for more great things from you in the future. Be well!

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