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There is a real class act in the Palm Springs area and not it is not a Ritz Carlton or a Four Seasons. It is a Sheila A. Williams, Esquire, never in all my years of working in the field of DIVORCE law have I run up against such a presence. You are not going to miss her, trust me, she is engaging, funny and nothing short of incredible, I like Sheila! Oh for sure I have written and talked about many lawyers across the country and especially in the Beverly Hills area, but Palm Springs?

Here is a thought, there is not another divorce lawyer I can imagine in the entire desert community that could come close to the knowledge of Sheila A. Williams, tough. This woman is a one woman wrecking crew. She is as clever and smart as they come. I feel sorry for any lawyer who might think that this gal is going to be easy pickings, you will move forward at your own peril if you do. Don’t be surprised if by some chance you get hit with one of those desert sand storms and your car has no paint and your are standing in your socks! Listen to me, you have been warned, if you go up against Sheila A. Williams she is going to S.A.W. you into pieces and you may not even realize it for several hours after it has been done. Those are her initials…was all this planned?

Sheilas practice is very nice, above nice, done right — show up for a meeting, she will have a light breakfast for you. If you pick the right day she may even have your car washed! Someone very close to me told me that it was a pleasure to work with her and agrees with me that she is “right on target” constantly. If you retain her you are doing the opposing counsel a dis-service, she is going to ruin each and every day for them and in such a manner that they will wish that you had hired someone else. One more thing, in the desert this “Legal Eagle” has not one competitor, NONE and Sheila knows it. Sheila has such a talent that she has no boundaries, she can do it all. For John J. Nazarian, my son and I liked her the first time she looked over her glasses at me and said, “I want you to stay, have a seat.”

One more interesting fact, could we be looking at a future Superior Court Judge here? This would be just what the judicial district needs, Sheila A. Williams, Esquire.

Don’t be shy, call her, I am going to give you her numbers, office, 1-760-323-8377 or try Sheila on her cell phone, 1-760-219-8923. The office is located at 2122 E. Barristo Road, Palm Springs, Ca. 92262. If you’re getting ready to put the trash out and need a great divorce lawyer to help you, call Sheila A. Williams…tell her please, that your read our comments here on

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 1, 2011
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