Tammy Lynn Etheridge Picks Top Legal Team

Melissa & Tammy Lynn EtheridgeWell as I was the first to say, why do gay people want to have the marriage thing? You know that same crap straight people get to DIVORCE. Tammy Lynn Etheridge and Melissa Etheridge are going at it and it is just like a straight couple, with divorce lawyers. Lori Howe is repping Tammy and Melissa has some short female lawyer whose name escapes me. They are fighting over children, support, property, you name it, and did I forget legal fees?

Tammy Lynn Etheridge is represented by one of the heavy-hitter partners of Trope and Trope, Lori Howe. Lori seems to be the go to gal in family law as of late, she is also representing Charlie Sheens X Brooke Mueller. Melissa Etheridge is being represented by “old” whats her name, it is not important…if I could only remember those little people in that Rainbow movie, ToTo? No that is not it.

Let me be the first to say it here, Tammy Lynn Etheridge will be coming out on top in this battle, she has one of the best divorce lawyers in the city, Lori Howe, and will come out on TOP…oooops I hope that will be ok!

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