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Pellicano Files for Divorce – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Pellicano Files for Divorce

DESPERATEEXES.COM EXCLUSIVE!!! Anthony Pellicano has filed for divorce from his wife Kat Pellicano. The two were together for well over 25 years. Mr. Pellicano is represented by Robert J. Nachshin,Lawyer, Mr. Nachshin has been in the trenches of divorce for many years here in Southern California, handling many high profile clients. Anthony once again could have picked several lawyers to represent him and chose Mr. Nachshins office…smart! (I am sure some of those lawyers are trying to forget Mr. Pellicano ever existed, but he did, and these very same lawyers will forever be connected to him…and we all know who you are.)

Anthony Pellicano, of course famous for his ability to gather information through the tapping of telephones, is serving far more years in a Federal Prison than I am sure he ever expected. Anthony was given an additional 15 years on top of what he was serving for a previous conviction. I believe that much of that sentence was do to his insistence on representing himself. A bigger issue was his refusal to ever roll over on any of the lawyers that he worked with and tapped for. Here at DESPERATEEXES.COM we call them “Very Very Very Lucky” lawyers. And you all know who you are as I am sure the feds also know, and lots of others know, and on and on it goes.

Had Anthony decided to save his own ass, he could have been a free man, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association would have had a dozen or so less lawyers in its ranks. That never happened due in part to Mr. Pellicano keeping his mouth shut and losing his freedom and everything else he owned. That I am sure brings pleasure to many of his victims, at some point you have to let the hate go and move on.

Summing up, the prosecuting attorney stated that he chose to attack the supply rather than the demand, the way that vice investigators attack pimps and prostitutes rather than johns, because thats how you make a dent in it. The johns in this case were the likes of Bert Fields, Brad Grey, Ron Meyer, Michael Ovitz and Chris Rock, all of whom paid Pellicano for services rendered.

If the government has no plans to go higher than Pellicano, this is a depressingly pedestrian effort that shows a lack of ambition, commented John C. Coffee, a professor at Columbia Law School and an expert on white-collar crime, as quoted in the NY Times story on the verdict.

This paragraph was taken from Mr. Pellicanos Wikipedia page and I very much agree with almost all of it. Pellicano could have had some of the most powerful lawyers and entertainment execs in Federal Prison had he chosen to talk…as if it was not bad enough, I am sure that proctologists in Beverly Hills were busy for weeks trying to relax some of these assholes’ “Proktos!”

As for Anthony’s wife, Kat, I had the opportunity to speak to her a couple of times and what a class act. She was just one of the nicest people and at times you had to recall that old adage, opposites attract. As to his family that is private and will never be mentioned here on DESPERATEEXES.COM…none of my business. We do not know at this time who will represent her in these proceedings, my suggestions, lets see, Ira Friedman of Friedman & Friedman, Michael Trope of Trope and Decarolis, Judith Forman of Law Offices of Judith Forman, Grace Jamra of Jamra & Jamra, Roz Soudry, Law Offices of Roslyn Soudry…just a few that I think that would get through this without the usual slaughter of finances.

For us here at DESPERATEEXES.COM and for myself I hope that this goes in a direction of reasonableness and that both these people get the time to move on with their lives. Mr. Pellicano has plenty of time as well as Robert Nachshin to handle this in a sensitive and delicate manner. It is my hope that Mrs. Pellicano will find her own peace and a counterpart to take care of the closing of another chapter in her life.

I wish them both Peace and a better future.

PS…I would love to have that Pelican that sat in the offices on Sunset Boulevard….

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 14, 2011
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