Courts need to monitor the monitors!

Easy Money
Easy Money for California monitors

Judge Silverman what a mistake you made! Last summer a “monitor” was appointed by the court (you) and the behavior and activity of these monitors is just the worst! I have to wonder what is on the court’s mind to allow a “monitor” to stay in a mansion in Encino? And to live the “Life of Riley,” how I ask is this going to be impartial on any level??? Along with living “fat,” the “impartial monitor” is getting paid all this money, staying in the house, having access to everything that a wealthy basketball player can provide, she must have felt like a firefighter, sure getting paid while she slept. And a private chef to provide meals for the family…LMAO, oh for sure lots of impartiality, please!

And then have the ability to travel all over the city and god only knows where else with this very wealthy basketball player and of course the baby! A thought: Why not have them work in shifts, so as to keep everyone honest, to have one person almost move in and live such a lavish lifestyle under the pretense of watching the child is a total crock. This is a total conflict of interest and any touch of reality or impartiality of a situation is thrown out the window. Just like Judges and cops, when I was a cop you could not take stuff for free and judges don’t accept gifts…but take the 6 hour monitor test and get lots of free stuff and perks too!!

At one point this monitor told the mom, “Don’t worry I will be your eyes and ears,” HUH! It was a total stooge routine, mom got her ears pulled and poked in the eye by this “impartial monitor”. Keep in mind, this monitor was staying at the mansion for two to three days a week for a month….CHA CHING!!! Just another financial windfall to the “impartial” monitor. There was a time when Lacey came to relieve the “owner-monitor-her boss” and Lacey told the mom that this was all a big act (but to someone who has never lived like a rock star this was just a dream come true)…but that she could not cross her boss and say anything (Lacey is not the real name I have changed it).

I am getting more calls then I can answer in reference to my experience with monitors. I know when something stinks and I was right again. Even worse yet, someone called and told “mom,” you have got to get rid of her (the court appointed monitor) she is talking real bad about you…these “impartial” monitors get to write reports.

THIS WHOLE ISSUE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY EITHER THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OR THE CITY ATTORNEY…someone needs to get this scam under control. To all the judges in family law courts you need to pay attention here. It does appear to me that the judges in some of these divorce cases are being totally hood-winked and moms and dads are getting screwed!

My advice to all of my readers, listeners and clients is to NEVER TALK to MONITORS ALONE and ALWAYS have someone present to witness and to listen to what is being said. My client had to park her SUV on a busy street as “dad” would not let her pull into the driveway to put the baby in the car seat…wanna bet that never got put into any report…

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 12, 2011
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